‘Escala a Castelló’ is the maritime event of Castellón

This event has become the most successful in the capital of La Plana, with tens of thousands of visitors and four historic ships to discover

A city ​​with port It is an attractive city for tourism. Be open to the sea It fosters great activity and an interesting incentive to attract tourists. Castellón is a city that has gradually appeared on the maps of travelers looking for new experiences on vacation or something different for a getaway. In addition to the increasing number of festivals that are organized in the province, the event «Scale to Castelló«, which was held in 2018 for the first time.

The origin of this event is in setea French city where every two years several of reproductions of historic ships that have been built in various countries and that allow you to learn about life on board them. In the image and likeness of this event, “Escala a Castelló” was prepared. To carry it out, there has been four historic shipswhich have been visited during the four days that the event has lasted.

“Escala a Castelló” has received a visit from the frigate Shtandarta replica of the one captained by Tsar Pedro I and dating from the 18th century, but also from the nao victoriareplica of the ship that went around the world for the first time and the Galleon Andalusia, which recreates one of these great ships that connected the Iberian Peninsula and America. Finally, the schooner Santa Eulalia, owned by the Barcelona Maritime Museum and celebrating its first centenary, also joined the event.

Also, the Moll de Costa The Port of Castellón had a seaside market with several dozen stalls set in the seafaring world, with spaces for crafts and a restaurant area. It was also possible to visit a camp of the Thirds, set in different times, thanks to the Association of Friends of the Military History Museum of Valencia, who set up this historical recreation. In this facility, the cannons are fired, replicas from various eras and after forming, a rifle discharge is also carried out, giving the camp area much more atmosphere.

The public has been able to get on the four boats, which are ready to be discovered by the visitors, attended by the different crews. The success of «Scale to Castelló» has led the organization to consider repeating in two years, just as they do in the city of Setè, with more boats and activities related to historical recreation.

Of course, it is a good way to escape the monotony of a weekend and in two years we will be able to enjoy historic ships again in a festive and fun atmosphere. A great excuse to make a brief and intense getaway to Castellon de la Plana.

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