Estany de Cullera and its beautiful trail

Cullera is one of the coastal towns par excellence. It’s about a site in the province of Valencia with long stretches of beach on the shores of the Mediterraneanwhich delights the thousands of vacationers who come here to spend the hottest months.

However, Cullera offers more than the typical sun and beach tourism. It has other attractions, and among them is getting to know this most unique natural enclave. We are going to talk about that next.

Cullera, tourist focus

When you enjoy a holiday in Cullera, you understand why it is one of the most visited places on the Valencian coast. It has an extraordinary climate, magnificent communications, a wide range of leisure and accommodation.

Of course, It has great beaches for all tastes. There are even enabled to go with your pet! As if all this were not enough, there is still more. You can enjoy a natural space of charm: the Estany de Cullera.

simply L’estany

Although its official name is Estany de Cullera, locals and regular vacationers simply refer to it with its generic name: L’Estanythat is, ‘the lagoon’ in Valencian.

It is common to hear: «Are we going to walk? L’Estany Or do we go for a bike ride? Both doing a small hiking route and pedaling are a great alternative to spend the afternoon after having enjoyed a morning on one of the best beaches in Valencia.

The mouth of the river Júcar

The natural origin of this Estany de Cullera is in the final stretch of the Júcar, a river that rises in the La Mancha province of Cuenca and, after a few hundred kilometers of travel, reaches here to dump all its flow into the Mediterranean Sea. Namely, This natural space is a mixture of fresh and salt waters, and precisely therein lies its ecological value and beauty.

It is a lagoon as a natural transition between the marsh vegetation of the river and that of the coast. In fact, to understand it, it is best to go to the lookout over the lake. There all its splendor and variety can be appreciated wonderfully.

Hiking in Cullera

Once you have made visual contact with the Estany de Cullera as a whole, the most appropriate thing is to feel it. For it, There is no better way than to explore it, either by bike as we said at the beginning or, better yet, on foot..

Of course, it is necessary to bring the appropriate equipment, especially footwear, some water and sun cream to avoid burns. Likewise, it is advisable to apply some repellent against mosquitoesespecially if you go through this place in the late afternoon.

The route itself is certainly uncomplicated, so it’s perfect for some family hiking. The entire path is practically flat and has the attraction of passing through wooden walkways between the thick vegetation of the wetland..

In addition, these footbridges are transformed into bridges over the waters. In other words, it is a very pleasant path, and essential to discover during a vacation in Cullera.

Estany Beach

Being in Cullera, there could not be a more suitable end of the route for the route than a beach. If we start the itinerary at what is known as the Student Entrance, we will go through the entire lagoon without any loss.

There we will find the vegetation, some of the waterfowl in the area, the fishermen trying to catch some fish or the boats that tell us about the old traditions of the place.

Without realizing it, we will be reaching the end, and there opens what is known as Playa de l’Estany, which are actually three very quiet coves, in contrast to other more crowded bathing areas in Cullera.

essential visit

Discovering the nature of l’Estany is almost a must during a holiday in Cullera. It is almost as much as eating one of the famous Valencian paellas in a local restaurant. As they say there, all that remains is to wish you good profit!

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