Etno Villages in Croatia, a different experience

In Croatia there are so-called Ethno Villages, where visitors can help carry out traditional tasks and enjoy the environment.

There are experiences for all tastes during our holidays in croatiasince it is a country where you can take advantage to discover its spectacular beaches, practice sports in the middle of nature, learn about its history or taste its gastronomy, among many other incentives to take into account before traveling, as they tell us from Expreso.

One of the novel options is to know some of the so-called villages Ethno Villagesunique places that allow tourists to learn more about the traditions of Croatia and the way of life, participate in all the usual activities in rural areas, get to know the traditional recipes of the gastronomy of the area, among other options that are offered.

They are towns that are spread throughout Croatia and that is a way of traveling back in time since the customs old, traditional houses and buildings and it is a perfect experience for couples or solo travelers to have a different feeling when traveling, new experiences.

In some cases these towns Ethno Villages they have had to be rehabilitated because they were almost abandoned, in other cases they continue to maintain all their charm for decades and it is a way of being able to have holidays different at any time of the year.

In addition to being able to help in the usual tasks of a town, it is interesting for the tourist to elaborate the traditional recipes from each area, as well as being able to enjoy options such as horseback riding, hiking, cycling routes, among many other possibilities that tend to attract travelers from all corners.

Undoubtedly having the opportunity to taste excellent proposals such as oysters and mussels, good river fish, Istrian trufflesin addition to making traditional stews, it is something that is always worth keeping in mind to have a truly spectacular vacation knowing these excellent products.

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