Everything you need to know about Koh Tao

The Chumphon Archipelago is one of the most famous in Thailand. This is made up of 3 islands: Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao. The latter, the smallest of those that make up the archipelago, has 20 square kilometers covered by palm tree forests, paradisiacal beaches and one of the most beautiful seabeds in the country.

Also known as “Turtle Island”, Koh Tao has become one of the favorite destinations for millions of diving lovers, snorkeling and sun and beach tourism. For this reason, we offer you a complete guide to everything you need to see, do and know about this island with crystal clear waters and dream beaches.

What to see in Koh Tao?

Next, we want to point out the places that you should not miss during your visit. In fact, whenever possible, we recommend staying for at least 3 days. Thus, you will make sure to enjoy each of these unique corners that the island offers.

The famous beaches of Koh Tao

We will start with Sairee Beach, one of the best known beaches on the island. Here you can lie in the sun, take a dip and enjoy a perfect beach atmosphere to go with the family.

In addition, about 30 meters from the coast you will find a coral reef for those who start diving. An important fact is that in Koh Tao there are more than 90 diving schools, so if you want to learn, you can do it without any problem.

Another of the perfect beaches to travel with children or family is Sai Nuan Beach. This beach with crystal-clear water and fine sand also offers an area of ​​grass and trees perfect for enjoying a full day at the beach.

The next stop is Freedom Beach, very popular for its white sand and turquoise waters.. With no less than 300 meters of extension, this beach is surrounded by the vegetation of an adjoining jungle and granite rocks. If you are passionate about fauna and flora, here you can enjoy them to the fullest, both in and out of the water.

Finally, we recommend 2 perfect beaches for diving: Sai Daeng Beach and San Jao Beach. In both you will have the opportunity not only to dive with sharks and sea turtles, but you will also be able to marvel at their coral reefs. To top it off, you will also have the opportunity to see how the locals fish to learn more about their culture and way of life.

Koh Tao Lookouts

For those who enjoy photography, sunsets and views from above, the island of Koh Tao offers several viewpoints. In fact, these cover much of the island.

Mango Viewpoint stands out as one of the most spectacular for its views of Sairee Beach at sunset. It is also worth visiting John Suwan Viewpoint to see one of the most photographed images of the island.

Koh Nang Yuan

To end the visit, it is also possible to visit the islets of Koh Nang Yuan. These are linked to the island by a tongue of sand. A few years ago these completely uninhabited islets have shown a new image; one that reflects the extent of the increase in tourists.

In them you will find a luxury resort and the one known as japanese garden, a diving area for beginners. To enter the islets, you must pay about 2 euros and you will not be able to bring food or drinks from outside.

What to do in Ko Tao?

Beyond the places to visit, Koh Tao also offers various activities to do. Next, we detail the main ones:

Diving courses: Open Water

If you haven’t taken us out yet open-water or diving license, you should not miss the opportunity. Precisely because of the large number of diving schools, the prices are very competent..

Taking the course will take you a total of 3 days, so you must have this factor to take it into account within the days of your stay. We recommend the Pura Vida school, a Spanish-speaking school with a good reputation.

Swim with its marine fauna

This is one of the most outstanding activities on the island, and the reason why tourism has grown so much in recent years. Swimming alongside sea turtles, sharks and thousands of fish in its coral reef is undoubtedly what will make the difference during your visit. The 2 most popular corners for it are Shark Bay Y Aow Leuk.

Specifically in this last place, even more than in Shark Bay despite the name, it is where you can see the sharks without the need to use diving equipment. These are not aggressive and are quite used to dealing with people, so you can watch them closely without being in danger.

In addition, you can also book the classic tour snorkel, one of the most demanded, to go from beach to beach. However, if you prefer to go at your own pace and save a little money, there is always the option of renting a motorcycle and touring the island at your own pace and taste. The only thing that really matters is that during your visit you are able to fully enjoy this natural setting, perfect for all types of tourism.

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