Excursions to do from Split on vacation

Split is a tourist destination from which you can make excursions to other locations in Croatia, to enjoy on vacation.

The Croatian city of Split It is one of the outstanding tourist destinations during the holidays. Now that summer is here, it can be a good time for tourists to get to know the city and, incidentally, make some excursions to nearby places. In this way you can live new and exciting experiences in Croatia.

We can start by knowing the famous Blue Cave, which is located in an area near Split, riddled with numerous islands. Biševo is the island where this important and remarkable cave is located, a place where many couples often go on excursions and enjoy the beautiful blue glow insidethanks to the natural light that enters through the cave.

We continue with an excellent place, as is the case of Trogir, for lovers of sun and beach. It is a city close to Split but with less tourism, allowing you to enjoy a day at the beach with greater peace of mind, walking the streets and enjoying its architecture. It is certainly a city worth knowing.

It is very interesting to make an excursion to know the famous Krka National Park, a quiet place where you can enjoy the famous seven waterfalls, as well as fauna and flora. It can be reached by bus and is an interesting option for those tourists who have time to make a trip. One day is enough to make a fairly complete and very attractive tour.

Since Split it is also possible to reach Plitvice Lakes National Park, another of the important national parks to take into account. In this place you will also be able to enjoy numerous waterfalls. It is advisable to go very early to be able to take advantage of the day and enjoy these lakes, waterfalls and go for walks. It is recommended for be in contact with nature in this part of Croatia.

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