Exotic places in Paraguay that you should know

There are a number of exotic sites so that tourists can enjoy a trip as complete as possible through Uruguay, alternative sites to visit.

Paraguayan It is a very interesting South American destination and one that is positioning itself as one of the reference proposals for many travelers, for those who make family trips, business trips or simply to enjoy the charms of the country doing ecotourism.

One of those especially recommended places to enjoy a trip is the tree tunnel, a very special route since it is literally a tunnel of about 400 meters made by nature itself. From Paraguay they invite us to discover this place so different from the destinations that tourists usually visit.

It is also very interesting to know the famous crystal jumpwhich is located in the Vallemi Caverns. It is a place where many visitors often go in search of adventure to enjoy these spectacular caves, always under the supervision of a guide so as not to get lost and have a truly pleasant experience.

Ojo del Mar Lake, located in Beautiful North View It is another of those very attractive natural sites, one of the natural paradises that Paraguay offers us to make a trip as complete as possible. Curiously, the water here is almost a green hue, with a size of about 100 meters in diameter and more than 100 meters deep.

Another of those reference sites for travelers looking for something different are the Salt Lakes Campo Maríawhich allows visitors to observe the birds of the area, enjoy beautiful landscapes and a unique ecosystem that is located within a private reserve in the Paraguayan Gran Chaco.

The Paraguayan Pantanal offers travelers the chance to get to know the Salto del Monday, a spectacular site that is part of the natural attractions within the department of Alto Paraná together with the binational hydroelectric complexes. In this way you can enjoy a place that is worthwhile in Paraguay to make a more complete trip.

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