Festivals to enjoy the summer in the Czech Republic

During the summer holidays it is possible to enjoy new experiences and interesting festivals in the Czech Republic, an appealing country.

For a vacation from summer in europe It is always important to have appetizing events to enjoy the most complete trip possible. The Czech Republic is usually one of the reference places to be able to spend a complete and suggestive summer vacation, as a couple or with the family, and it is a country that usually hosts interesting festivals. From Czechtourism they invite us to meet them during our next trip.

In June comes the Smetanova Litomyšl International Music Festival, which is held from June 13 to July 7, ideal for lovers of classical music. The highlight, in addition to good music, is being able to enjoy the Litomyšl castle, which is one of the great jewels of Renaissance architecture in the Czech Republic.

It is also very interesting to know the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, a beautiful city that is well worth knowing now in summer. It is an event that takes place from June 28 to July 6 and is one of the summer classics that you should not miss on your next vacation.

The Colors of Ostrava Music Festival is another of the proposals, in this case it will take place from June 17 to 20 and it is interesting to be able to enjoy the world of theater, good music and different aspects of contemporary art, which will meet at this festival.

To take into account is the Uherské Hradiště Summer Film Schoolan event in which you can enjoy documentaries, art films and can be enjoyed from July 26 to August 4, so it is another proposal to take into account.

There will be no lack of different concerts interesting like the one with Maroon 5 on June 5, the one with Slipknok on June 11 or the one with Kiss and ZZ Top on June 19, the one with Ed Sheeran on July 7, which are some of the many alternatives that fans of these groups and artists will have.

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