Find out how much a trip to Chicago costs

How much does a trip to Chicago cost? It is very difficult to tell you a total cost, especially if we have to include the costs of flying and staying there, since that fluctuates a lot depending on the time and your place of origin. But on the other hand, we can provide you with approximate information on other essential issues during your trip to Chicago.

Daily budget for a trip to Chicago

It is already clear that here we will not compute the accommodation expenseswhere the range of prices is abundant, and almost always expensive.

Y we will also not include what the flight may cost or how to get there, since you may already be in the United States and want to take a trip to Chicago. In other words, it will be much cheaper for you than taking a flight from Europe or Latin American countries.

Having said that, if we calculate trips within the city, tourist visits, food and pocket money, we can say that the budget will range between 80 and 100 euros per day per person. A respectable amount, without a doubt, and in which the issue of tourist visits, really expensive, is very important.

Is the CityPASS interesting?

The most famous tourist places and cultural institutions of the city make up the seven CityPASS visit proposals. When planning a trip to Chicago, purchasing this pass only makes sense if you are there for several dayssince the places to visit require time and cannot be seen (and should not be seen) in one day.

Those sites are the Skydeck, the Aquarium, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Hancock Tower 360-degree observatory, the Planetarium, and the Art Institute of Chicago. But of the seven places, only five will be accessibleso we have to calculate what we are interested in seeing and for how much.

The final saving is just over 50%, but it must be taken into account that the CityPASS will cost us about 100 dollars. Although it is true that only the essential Skydeck is already 49, or the Hancock Tower, 44.

Food budget in Chicago

An important item for the day to day of the trip to Chicago is the one destined to feed. Our recommendation may be to alternate between cheap and expensive for lunch and dinner.

Namely, you can eat for a few dollars as a snack based on street dog or pizza, as do the local population. Then you can scratch your pocket a little more to dine in restaurants where you order a plate of, at least, a price of 20 dollars.

The expenses in the transports of Chicago

In this section the accounts can be done quickly. To get started, forget about taxis, because they are expensive and impractical, given the usual traffic jams. So you will have to take the metro and urban buses. And for this, their thing is to buy tickets for one day or more, which can cost around 8 euros each day.

Or if you prefer for almost the same amount, bikes can be rented for a whole day and move along the bike lanes of Chicago, a very interesting experience.

It is also essential to take the water taxis. Here the rates vary depending on the way to Navi Pier, the planetarium or along the river. This last one is a basic ride and you will have to reserve about 10 dollars for it.

More ways to spend money in Chicago

In short, the trickle in spending is more or less constant. What we should add small expenses in the form of coffees or beers (sooner or later you have to enter some pub Irish in Chicago). Just as we must not forget about gifts and memories.

Later there may be additions for all tastes and pockets. From attending an NBA game at the Chicago Bulls stadium, to flying over the city in a helicopter or deciding if we are going to take one of the exclusive garments or jewels that are displayed in the shops of the city as a souvenir of the trip to Chicago. Magnificent Mile.

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