Fiordland in New Zealand

Fiordland is one of the places that has made New Zealand one of the favorite destinations for those looking for incredible and wild natural spaces. It has it all: mountains, waterfalls, sea, snow and of course, fjords of glacial origin.. Where does this wonder of nature await us? In the South Island of New Zealand.

The 14 fjords of Fiordland

We tend to associate geographical features such as fjords only with the Scandinavian landscapes of Norway or Iceland. However, there are fjords in many other places on the planet.

In the end, they are valleys formed by the erosive action of a glacial tongue and that over the course of millennia ended up being flooded by sea waters. And neither more nor less, that is what happened with the 14 fjords that give their name to the New Zealand region of Fiordland.

In this case, it took about 100,000 years to sculpt this impressive landscape. And although science and geologists are very clear about the erosive processes that have shaped them, for traditional Maori culture such natural beauty has another much more poetic explanation. According to them, Fiordland is the work of a mason. Of course, a gigantic mason who carved these rocks with his ax.

Fiordland waterfalls

If the rock in conjunction with the coast is already impressive, that beauty reaches unsurpassed heights when the incredible freshwater waterfalls that fall from heights of tens and hundreds of meters arise. Among all of them, one stands out, the Milford Sound, one of the icons of the most indomitable landscape of New Zealand.

Activities in Fiordland

If you are lucky enough to travel to Fiordland, spend several days there because there is much to see and do. As is the case elsewhere in New Zealand, from Mount Cook to its shores, nature is queen. And in addition to contemplating and admiring it, you can also take advantage of it to practice numerous outdoor sports.

Tour the National Park

Within the protected area of ​​Fiordland there are different accommodation possibilities, always in places surrounded by the natural environment. So these places are the best from there to undertake different hiking routes, cyclists or do many other sports. Let’s see the most common:

long distance trails

In New Zealand, the traditional Long Distance GR Trails are called Great Walks. And within Fiordland there are several options. There is the Kepler Track which takes four days to cover. Or the busiest and longest, the Milford Track, which requires five days and good physical condition.


Another way to tour Fiordland is by water. And in addition to the typical tourist cruises, anyone who is a little intrepid has to take the paddles of a kayak and sail through the beautiful lakes of Manapouri and Te Anauon whose shores there are also many cabins to stay.

New Zealand a real adventure

There are more things to do in Fiordland. For example, fly over its most famous waterfalls and even dive in certain areas of the fjords. EITHER spot such characteristic species as penguins, sea lions or alpine parrots. In other words, it is a favorable territory for adventurers. Actually like all of New Zealand, that incredible country that we also know thanks to the movies inspired by the stories of JRR Tolkien.

And that is just one of the many illustrious names that fell in love with this territory. Another who marveled at the beauty of places like Milford Sound was the British writer Rudyard Kipling. And even the great Captain Cook hesitated to enter Doubtful Sound, the deepest fjord in Fiordland, in case he was unable to return to the open sea afterwards.

Ultimately, some extraordinary and unforgettable landscapes for everyone who contemplates them.

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