Five curiosities of London to fall in love with the city

London is a city that is visited every year by millions of people and that has many tourist attractions that you can enjoy better knowing this

London is one of the great capitals of the world and is very well known. It is also a destination highly demanded by tourists and a city that can be enjoyed thanks to the many tourist attractions that can be found in it. Like all cities, there are some curiosities that are a little forgotten and that it is interesting to know before starting the vacation in London.

The Thames Bridges

The Thames River runs through the city and divides it in two. We all have in mind the Tower’s bridgeNext to the Tower of London, with its recognizable silhouette, but there are many more. In total, there are 33 bridges that join both banks of the emblematic River Thames. The oldest is the richmond bridgebuilt in 1777 and the most modern is the millennium bridgewhich was completed in 2002.

The Ravens of the Tower of London

The Tower of London It has two immovable things: the Crown jewels and the six crows who live in it. Legend has it that if these six ravens leave the Tower building and the Monarchy would collapse. For that reason there are always six ravens, which are very well treated. When one dies, it is replaced by another. They go by the names of Munin, Thor, Branwen, Hugine, Baldrick and Gwyll and there’s a little trick so they don’t do the most normal thing for a bird, which is to fly. This measure is somewhat cruel and consists of cut part of the wings to fly out of the Tower of London.

The London Eye

Is big ferris wheel It was inaugurated on December 31, 1999 and has a height of 135 meters, with a diameter of 120 meters. Have a booth for each of the London boroughs. This means that there are 32 booths, but if you look at the numbers you can see that they are numbered from 1 to 33. This is because they have removed the number 13, which in many cultures means bad luck. The price of this great attraction is 30 poundsalthough it can be hired for a little less on the Ferris wheel website.

London Eye Ferris Wheel London

Buckingham palace

The Buckingham Palace It is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, but she is not always there. You can easily tell if the queen is in the palace. If the flag that flies at the entrance of the palace is the Union Jack, the queen is absent. If the royal banner, made up of four squares with the motifs of British royalty, is waving, it means that the queen is in the palace. The soldiers guarding the gates, famous for their colorful uniform and for being completely impassive, are authentic soldiers. I mean, they’re there to protect the royal family and although it seems that they are just another tourist attraction, they are trained to repel attacks on the palace.

By the way, even if she is the queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II must ask the Lord Mayor of London for permission to enter the city. This tradition goes back centuries, but the citizens of London have the power to veto the presence of the queen or the king in the city if they deem it appropriate.

The Big Ben

I guess when we talk about Big Ben think of the great clock tower located next to the Westminster Palace, the seat of the British parliament. But that tower is actually called elizabeth towerwhen in 2002 its original name was changed, The Clock Tower, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell that is located in this tower.

There is a replica of the tower between Vauxhall Bridge Road and Victoria Street, near the well-known Victoria Railway Station. It is smaller and inside it a bell was placed that receives the name of Little Ben.

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