Five dishes from Girona that you should not stop trying

Girona is a city in Catalonia that offers us a gastronomy that can be enjoyed while visiting its streets and restaurants, with a traditional flavor

Girona is one of the Spanish cities where you want to get lost without further ado. Walking through its streets is a pleasure and film and television fans will be able to recognize places from it. In fact, it is one of the settings chosen for the popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones‘, so it offers quite a boost to everyone who follows this fantastic drama. But do not forget something very important during the visit to Girona, and this is the gastronomy that can be enjoyed in the Catalan city. Let’s see five of Girona’s dishes that should not be forgotten to try during the visit.

Anchovies from L’Escala

The Girona anchovies It is one of the delights of the earth. They are served in many ways and are made both as a tapa or appetizer and as an ingredient in more elaborate dishes. A plate of these anchovies to accompany a good beer or a glass of wine is something ideal to enjoy in any establishment in the Catalan city.

Monkfish and red shrimp suquet

This dish was made in high seas, since it is one of the dishes preferred by the sailors of the area. To make the broth it was used fish or the parts of it that could not be offered for sale. It was made with the spines or the head of the monkfish and on the other hand it was made a stir fry with garlic, olive oil, almonds and bread. When it is ready, everything is crushed and a smooth sauce is created, which is added to the broth. A delight of the sea that has happened to restaurants and that can be enjoyed in Girona.


This forceful dish with meat, sausages, legumes and vegetables is similar to Madrid stew, although with some peculiarity that makes it something different. With this dish you can compensate for the harsh winter conditions in Girona and enjoy a traditional and highly suggestive recipe during the winter months.

sweet sausage

The idea of ​​a sweet sausage It is something that is not usually present in many recipes, but in Girona it is a pleasure to enjoy this recipe. It can be enjoyed grilled, fried, baked or accompanied with apple or toast with honey. A kind of botifarra that we will not find anywhere else and that in Girona it becomes a well-known and attractive delicacy.

country omelette

Is tortilla is very popular and is that a potato omelette is used to which is added a combination of vegetables to give it more forcefulness and a more powerful flavor. With this tortilla you can combine the flavor of the tortilla with the anchovies, which give it an exceptional flavor and make it tastier.

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