Five luxuries we find when traveling with Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is a luxury company that takes care of first class passengers and takes them to enjoy the flight with small (or large) exclusive luxuries

Traveling is always a pleasure, but there are ways that are much more pleasant than others. The low cost airlines They are an option to which we have become accustomed, but we cannot forget that there are other aviation companies that offer things that go beyond the mere trip and that can become another experience when we are traveling to other countries. Companies that offer luxury flights in cabins prepared to make its travelers enjoy. cathay pacific is one of these companies and we are going to see five little whims that we can treat ourselves to when we travel with it.

Betsy Beer, a beer to savor at height

A beer is always pleasant, but if it is about a beer designed to be enjoyed at 10,000 meters altitude, the experience is doubly pleasant. betsy beer It is a beer that has been created to enjoy during the flight. To create it and adapt it to the flight conditionscarbonation has increased by 10%, so that the effect of taste receptors on the tongue is increased.

Cathay’s own scent

we all know the smell of a new car, very characteristic and that is noticeable when we enter a new vehicle. When you enter a Cathay Pacific plane we also found a characteristic smell and that is because an aroma that defines the company has been created. Is about a formula created specifically for the company and which is made up of a blend of lavender, bamboo, green tea and jasmine. It is used in the VIP rooms and on the plane itself, so it turns out to be a good way to find out what planes smell like… as they fly.

The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga

This space dedicated to yoga isn’t exactly on a plane cathay pacificbut it is the first space dedicated to the practice of yoga in an airport. It is, of course, in the Hong Kong International Airport. In this specially designed room travelers can relax and prepare for enjoy the flight in the most comfortable way.

The Wing Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Cabins

The Wing is the Cathay Pacific Bussines Lounge. We can imagine the luxury that we will find in it. Among those things that the most important travelers for the company can find are some independent roomswith a huge bathtub, a rain shower, a sofa bed and a workspace with Internet connection and outlets so that there is no lack of energy for the mobile devices.

An upscale champagne-only bar

Imagine it. A bar that only serves champagne. It is what can be found in The Wingthe most exclusive area for travelers from cathay pacific. It is located in The Wing and will delight travelers who want to travel on one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. Because what better way to greet first class passengers than with a glass of champagne?

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