Five marathons designed for running tourism

Sport is one of the best excuses to be able to enjoy a few days of vacation in other countries and for this reason running tourism is growing

The running It is something that catches and that every time has more followers. Many people get hooked on the adrenaline rush that these sessions of running and they come to train to participate in the marathons that are held in various parts of the world. This has caused the tourism of running It has become a trend, which not only leads fans to watch these tests, but also to participate in them. These are some of the most popular marathons and a great excuse to visit cities all over the world.

Saint Michel marathon in France

The May 25 and 26 the Mont Sant Michel marathon, one of the best known, most visited and most beautiful places in France. In this magical environment, a marathon is held that can be done alone or in relays. At the same time, it is also celebrated a half marathon and a 10 kilometer race.

Baxxters Loch Ness Marathon, Scotland

Another magical place to participate in a marathon is the Lake Ness. In this popular corner of Scotland you can participate on October 6, 2019. During that weekend that area has many sports-related activities, such as a free sports exhibition, the Baxters Food and Drink Fayrelive music and a Wee Nessie for children under 5 years old.

International Patagonia Marathon, in Chile

Patagonian International Marathon is the name of this test, which is held in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. The National Park Torres del Paine becomes the stage for this competition where they meet athletes from up to 50 countries.September 7th will be when this impressive marathon takes place.

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TromsØ Midnight Sun Marathon, Norway

The Midnight Sun becomes the excuse to celebrate one of the most curious marathons in Europe. The marathon crosses the lands of Norway under the Midnight Sun and the participants can discover an impressive adventure that will allow them to experience one of the most curious situations on the continent, those perpetual hours of light. In addition to the marathon, various races are held, such as a half marathon and a 10 kilometresin addition to a competition for children that runs 800 meters. June 22 is when the sun will shine for all runners.

New York City Marathon in the United States

This is possibly the largest known marathon in the world. Thousands of people from all over the world gather at the Big Apple to launch to explore those 42.5 kilometers. A unique urban setting, which serves so that runners from all over the world can discover new york in a way that is only possible in these circumstances. It is celebrated on November 3 and there will be about 56,000 who finish this competition.

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