Five options to get cheap accommodation.

Do you think that traveling to distant destinations is not within your budget? In this post we try to show that you can be (very) wrong. Has it occurred to you to think about the possibility of including your house or apartment in a exchange program accommodation?. Do you know the B&B, low cost hotels and the hostel?. Do you dare to raise the ante and join the idea of ​​surfing sofas around the world?

Cheap accommodation options for travel

The idea of cheap accommodation It is not limited to getting good prices. Start by distinguishing between classic and alternative hosting systems, and get to know in depth the models of cheap accommodation available to schedule your next vacation:

. The classic hosting system(reservation of hotels, apartments, house rentals, hostels), is the one used by default, the one that we all know and have always used, but it is not the only one.

. The cheap or alternative hosting system It is the one that is growing the most, driven by new technologies, adding more and more affordable options, and with an “added value” in our vacations: the possibility of experiencing enriching situations on our trip.

Next, we name some of the modalities of cheap accommodation that thanks to the internet, our options are expanding more and more when it comes to going on vacation. In most of these modes of cheap accommodationThe idea prevails that the best price for the traveler does not imply a reduction in the quality of service at all.

1.Bed and Breakfast.
The B&B is the option that can be summarized in two words, bed and breakfast, in an equation that is completed with a convenient rate very close to the concept of cheap accommodation. The B&B concept is not so new, but its extraordinary development throughout the world is. A Bed and Breakfast functions as a kind of home-based hostel. These are large houses or small buildings refurbished with few rooms to offer cheap and very warm accommodation. In general, they are immersed in the city, fully integrated with their zones or neighborhoods, and are extremely quiet. They offer a natural environment, and it is normal that many times the same owners live in them together with their guests.

2. Low cost hotels.
The concept of low cost flights transferred to accommodation, results in the birth of low cost hotels (cheap hotels or low cost). The low cost hotel is an unstoppable trend in the new ways of vacationing in Europe influenced by the development of flights cheap. The large hotel chains join the phenomenon that uses the formula that combines quality with the lowest price. cheap. In order to achieve the concept of low cost accommodation, hotels are organized and designed under the express model, optimizing its operation, the use of space for better performance, and the publication of offers to achieve profitability with high occupancy rates. There are search engines specialized in low cost accommodation.

3. Home exchange
The modality of exchanging houses is not new, but it has received a great boost after the diffusion of the film “Holiday”, in which its protagonists participate in a house exchange. The home exchange system is on the rise as a highly original method and is increasingly used due to its obvious advantages: it is the most cheap accommodation, it’s completely free. The system is organized through the model of association to exchange clubs paying a low annual fee, and the operation is quite simple: two people in distant parts of the world get in touch through the Internet to arrange dates and exchange their houses during an agreed time. The exchange requires previous contacts where details such as possible required household chores, advice and in the best of cases, getting to know our host and establishing a friendship are adjusted. Home swapping often includes car swapping to further reduce travel expenses. Home exchange allows accommodation in warmer and more welcoming environments than a hotel room, as well as allowing you to get to know the style and way of life of the place in depth. Among the most used sites to exchange houses we cite intervalAlready homeexchangeeither Homeexchange

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4. International Network of Sofas.
We are before one of the systems of cheap accommodation more recent and explosive. The basic idea is very, very simple: if we all have a sofa at home, and we are willing to lend it to some casual guest, then nothing better than organizing through the network. Today, my sofa for you, tomorrow, your sofa for me. This is how the Couch Surfing Project was born, the web project that brings together a network of couch surfers around the world. The site is the meeting point for thousands of couch surfers who travel a large part of the world staying in the network of couches kindly made available by its members. To date, the network has 300,000 members from more than 31,000 towns and cities around the world. The network of sofas explores the legendary practices of hospitality, under the idea of ​​sharing our home and establishing a friendship, even if it is brief, in which the guest also has some gesture of hospitality to grant to his host. A method for adventurous and cordial spirits who are looking for something more than a good accommodation in a hotel, a brief and cordial experience of conviviality, just like at home.

5. Hostels
The hostel is the model of cheap accommodation ideal for travelers and backpackers. Specially designed to provide a comfortable stop and cheap In places around the world, the hostel proposes to share rooms to lower costs with travelers from all over the world. But hostels are also cheap accommodation, a meeting point, activities and cultural exchange for their guests. Of course, you also have to count its disadvantages, many times sharing a room implies annoying noises and greater patience for coexistence. But the experience of discovering places and meeting people is often one of the very reasons for the trip, and the hostel, the place to feel completely comfortable.