Five places in Seville that you may not know

Big cities have corners that must be visited, even if they are not very well known and are outside the most traditional and well-known tourist guides.

Seville is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Spain. The Andalusian capital has many points of interest and there are more than enough excuses to enjoy visiting the city. but there are others places that hide in little corners and that they are not so marked and that they can be very pleasant to know. We are going to offer you those five corners of Seville that can make the visitor fall in love and that usually go unnoticed.

Royal Shipyards

The shipyards of Seville They were dedicated to the manufacture of galleys. Originally it had seventeen ships, although of those only seven remain standing. They know each other because they were one of the locations chosen by the producer of the series Game of Thrones to be one of the scenes of the production.

Church of Saint Louis of the French

This church has been recently renovated and was opened to the public in 2016. For several years, a deep recovery of the art that is located inside was carried out and when it was reopened it became a place where, in addition to having a large amount of Sevillian baroque archvarious events are held, such as the Bienal de Flamenco.

Town Hall Square

Next to the avenue of the Constitution and the Cathedral of Sevilla this is opened semicircular square. Its construction is relatively recent, since it was built in the 20th century, using part of the old city wall. The space where it was built belonged to the old Colegio de San Miguel, attached to the Cathedral Chapter and that it was founded in the 13th century by Alfonso X the Wise. Currently, a philately and numismatic market has been held since the 1980s.

Castle of San Jorge and the Alley of the Inquisition

The castle of saint george It has become a museum and interpretation center of the Inquisition, in which much of its past can be discovered. Next to the castle is the Callejón de la Inquisición, where the institution’s headquarters were located. The two spaces to visit are in the Triana neighborhoodone of the best known and most visited in Seville.

The “longest street in the world”

In Seville there is the «longest street in the world«. Or maybe it is from the Solar System. And it is that the Matahacas street is considered as such. And it is that it starts from Sol street and reaches Escuelas Pías street. Seen this way, it doesn’t make much sense, but Escuelas Pías street used to be called Luna street. Thus, with the joke that characterizes Sevillians, it was said that the street went from the Sun to the Moon. In Matahacas street there is a plaque that accredits this matter and that has also become a little-known place in Seville that must be visited.

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