Five reasons to travel to South Africa

South Africa is a fairly unknown country, but it is offering many reasons to visit it and offers alternatives to enjoy the trip

Although not well known South Africa It is a country that has many incentives to travel there and discover the many surprises that this African country has in store for us. We are going to offer you five reasons for you to consider a trip to south africawith five activity offers that can make your vacation different and very exciting.

Safaris to see the “Big Five”

In South Africa there are about 300 species of mammals and 850 species of birds, so the possibilities of its large natural parks offer a wide variety of ecosystems. The best known and most popular is the Kruger National Parkalthough they are also highly recommended for visiting the Saint Lucia Wetlands, hluhluwe and the Addo National Park. In these parks you can observe the «big five«, that is, the lion, the leopard, the rhinoceros, the buffalo and the elephant.

outdoor adventure

If you are one of those who enjoy performing outdoor sportWith a strong adventure component, South Africa can offer you a large number of outdoor activities in truly spectacular settings. One of these most important activities is the bungee jumpingwhich takes place in bloukrans. It is the highest jump in the world, with 216 meter drop. The single cycle race busiest in the world is the Cape Argus Cycling Tour and is celebrated in South Africa. The Camrades is the oldest ultramarathon race in the world. In addition, you can also practice paragliding, rappelling, kitesurfing, rafting, hiking, parachuting, deep-sea fishing, surfing, scuba diving and skiing, so adventure sports are present throughout the year.

family tourism

The accommodation in South Africa It has evolved to meet the needs of families, so it is easy to find suitable accommodation to offer activities for the little ones, but also for parents. Also, getting around the country is cheap, as is eating out of the South African hotel establishments. In South Africa there is a wide variety of accommodation, such as family hotels Y guest houses to cover any need of traveling families.

Reasons to visit South Africa

A story full of curiosities

South Africa has a very rich history and tourism is exploiting these historical curiosities. You can visit the battlefields of the wars between the Boers, the English and the Zulu in the zone of kwaZulu-Natal. You can also visit hominid sites 2.3 million years old and even a review of the most recent history of South Africa, following the steps and remembering the nelson mandela legacy.

A rich gastronomy

In South Africa you can enjoy a spicy indian currybrewed in a cast iron pot on a fireplace, or a outdoor braai, which is what the traditional barbecue is called in the country. The meats to enjoy are not only pork or beef, but also other more exotic meats such as ostrich, springbok or Kudu. In addition, it is the second region with the highest wine tradition after Europe, with a great production of wines.

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