Five romantic places to discover in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most sought after destinations in Spain, both by national and international tourists and hides many romantic places to walk

On the shores of the Mediterranean stands one of the most demanded cities as a tourist destination. This is Barcelona, ​​a city open to the sea that has many places to discover. But we want to bring you closer to some of the most romantic places in Barcelona, which has them and they are enough. We are going to stop at five of them, so that you get to know better those corners where you can walk with your partner when visiting the city.

The Boardwalk

Curiously, the best time to walk around this place is in the months when there are not so many people. In summer it is busy with tourists and locals coming in and out of the beach. The Promenade It allows you to walk along the beach and even enter it to enjoy a relaxing walk. In summer, it is also nice, but as we have said, there are too many people. Anyway, who can resist a walk along the beach?

The Ciutadella Umbracle

The Ciutadella Park allows you to find a relaxed atmosphere in the middle of the city. And in that haven of peace we find a place within the park itself that invites you to walk and enjoy nature. The Umbracle of the Ciutadella It is more than 125 years old and in it you can find species of plants from more than 20 countries. The wrought iron benches invite you to sit among the abundant vegetation and enjoy that romantic moment with your partner.

The Fabra Observatory

This place offers one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Barcelona. Throughout the year you can visit and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the stars and the view of Barcelona which is available from the Fabra Observatory. In summer they celebrate dinners that combine astronomical observation with gastronomy, which are very attractive. Nothing like enjoying good company under the influence of the stars…

The Labyrinth of l’Horta

A classic to walk with your partner and enjoy a special place. The Laberint de l’Horta is a maze built with hedges, which hides many surprises inside. In addition, it offers that game that consists of find the way out of this maze An incentive to enjoy a fun morning or afternoon and always with the company of that special person.

Cervantes Rose Garden

This space is located inside the Cervantes Park, although it is a separate corner, because it is a small garden full of roses. During the winter it is a bit soulless, since it is not the time to enjoy the flowers. But when spring arrives, it’s wonderful to walk among the rose bushes and be captivated by their fragrance. There are around 10,000 rose bushes of about 2,000 varieties, so it can be said that it is a totally romantic place and worth visiting.

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