Five tourist trains in France that you must know

France also has a list of must-know tourist trains that take travelers to fascinating must-see places.

We recently talked about the tourist trains in Spain, a truly spectacular way to get to know our country, but it is not the only one that has this type of train. Traveling by train is one of the delights that we have to enjoy when we think about visiting France, another country that has picturesque trains that make the trip an adventure. We are going to review the five tourist trains of France that you have to know

The Canary, the Roussillon

In the Roussillon area, near Perpignan, we find the Train Jaune, the Yellow Train or El Canario, as it is also known. East mountain train allows you to discover and enjoy spectacular mountainous landscapes. El Canario operates during the three summer months, because it runs along roads that run through the Pyrenees and in winter they are impassable.

The Canary part of Villefranche-de-Conflentwhich is located at an altitude of 427 meters, up to Carol Latour. It is not possible to book and you have to be at the station an hour before departure, to be able to go comfortably, especially in high season.

Vapeour du Trieux, Brittany

This steam train travels the distance between Paimpola fishing village of the french brittany Y pointreux, a town of artists. The train offers a pleasant walk through Brittany and part of the same fishing port from which the fishermen left for Iceland, where they worked seven months in a row (or more), which makes it a very picturesque enclave.

The town of pointreuxdestination of tourist trainalso has many places to discover and is a good place to find a nice corner to eat and enjoy the cuisine of Brittany.

Le Train des Pignes, in Provence

The Pineapple Train bordering the sea from the mountains, offering a spectacular image of Provence. Travel the 51 kilometers that separate Nice of Digne-les-Bains and travels through parts of the region that are practically uninhabited. In some sections it manages to reach 1,000 meters above sea level and goes through small towns that, like entreveauxthey manage to make the visitors fall in love.

Haut-Quercy tourist train in the Lot

The region of lots has an area with steep cuts in the mountains and it is through those places where the diesel and steam trains that leave from the city of martel until st dennis. Both the origin and the end of the route have spectacular visits and you can enjoy the towns along the route. In addition, it is a truffle area, so in the months of December and January you can enjoy this very special delicacy.

Mont-Blanc Tramway

The Mont-Blanc Tramway It’s one of the tourist trains more specials from France. The Mont Blanc rises above the train, which since 1928 ascends to the town of Bellevuea 1,800 meters of altitude. In summer, it even rises a little more, up to the population of Nid d’Aiglewhich is located at 2,372 meters of altitude.

The skiers enjoy this journey, but so do those who want to find the excitement of the hiking trails wave Mountain bike on the slopes of Mont-Blanc. A great option to discover one of the great places to visit in France.

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