Five typical dishes from Eastern European countries

We take a gastronomic journey through some Eastern European countries, with this list of five typical dishes from Eastern European countries.

Welcome to this peculiar walk through Eastern Europe. We are going to choose five countries from the eastern part of Europe and we are going to show you its five typical dishes. If you like them, you can always replicate the recipe at home, now that the cold is coming, they are sure to come in handy, or better yet, travel directly to one of these countries when possible and try such delicacies on the spot.

Bigos (Poland)

The national dish of Poland is named bigos and, by extension, it is also popular in other neighboring countries. Is a mix of meatsso it was traditionally a hunter dish, which is braised during hours or sometimes days, so they are made in cauldrons (in the field) or in the new slow cookers. The meats are accompanied by sauerkraut and other ingredients (such as mushrooms), although this already varies according to the area and customs.

Mititei (Romania)

mititei It is the name of one of the dishes that you will surely try if you go to Romania. They are nothing more than a few rolls of minced meat, some sausages that are roasted on the grill and that are eaten out of habit accompanied by beer, as an aperitif. They are also commonly called My CIwhich means small, since legend has it that people went to ask for them at the bar where this appetizer was supposedly invented and called them that.

Gulyas (Hungary)

In Hungary one of the most famous dishes is called Gulyas and in Spanish we usually know it as Gulash. Although Hungarian goulash is a soup, in fact the full name (gulyasleves) could be translated as “cowboy soup”, because it was a typical dish that ranchers prepared to gain strength. A soup that they prepared with a cauldron over a fire and into which they poured whatever they had on top. Today, the soup would contain meat, onion, potatoes and especially a lot of paprika.

Vepřo-knedlo-zelo (Czech Republic)

With this almost unpronounceable name (you will surely opt for the trick of pointing out what you want on the menu) what you are ordering is one of the most popular dishes in the Czech Republic. Each word refers to the three main ingredients of the dish, roasted pork (of the best possible quality), bread or dumplings and sauerkraut, in that order. Each part is prepared separately and then everything is served together, the more abundant the best amount.

Borscht (Ukraine)

Borscht or borsch is considered one of the national dishes of Ukraine, although it is also very common in other Slavic countries and almost that in each one it is prepared in a different way. The Ukrainian version of this dish, which has a complex preparation, is a cold soup containing meat (although there are also vegetarian variants) and spices to taste, and above all it has beetswhich apart from flavor gives it its typical reddish garnet color.

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