Five typical dishes of Chilean gastronomy

Chile is one of the most interesting destinations in South America and the gastronomy it offers us is also quite important, such as these five typical dishes

Chile is one of the most interesting destinations in South America, which is gaining ground and offers many arguments for enjoying some good vacations. Among all those things that make Chile a destination that we should not miss. Among those incentives we have the Chilean gastronomyso we are going to know five typical Chilean dishes that we must know when we visit the country.


Is Soup is a classic in Chilean homes that has been making its way into the country’s restaurants and is a small gastronomic pleasure. It is a vegetable soup with some meat, which can be chicken, beef or lamb. It is served in a crockpot and it always has a piece of corn on the cob, one of its characteristics.

Curanto (made in the hole)

You will not find this dish in a restaurant, since it is more than a plate. Is about a dish made for many peopleat least 25 people, who It is cooked in a large hole dug in the ground.. The healing It has very varied ingredients: seafood, beef, potatoes, chicken, chorizo ​​and seaweed, which offers a very curious and pleasant mix of flavors. To cook it, the container is placed in the hole and cooked with the embers on top. A version of the recipe called curanto to the pot either pulmaybut although it is similar, it does not have the flavor and social significance that Curanto al hoyo has.


Is Soup It is one more variant for winter. It gets its name because for it to be ready, the firewood with which it is traditionally cooked must be completely carbonized. That is, it needs a long time on the fire to be ready. It is made with vegetables and meatto which are also added a stream of wine and sugar, in addition to others typical ingredients of the South American region and pasta, preferably noodles or any other type of pasta.

corn cake

The corn cake It receives its name from its main ingredient, corn or corn. The dish is made in a crockpot and has a base of minced meat and a corn topping. In some areas, sugar is added, which gives it a sweet touch that combines very well with the essence of the dish.


The suck It is a dish made with a bread base, which is moistened and mixed with various ingredients, such as red paprika, grated carrots, onion, garlic, cheese and milk cream, among other things. An extra ingredient is added to these ingredients, which can be shellfish, cow entrails, spider crabs or other typical Chilean ingredients.

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