Five typical dishes of the Czech Republic

Brno is one of the most important cities in the Czech Republic and in the gastronomic guide of the city we find several typical dishes of the European country

The Czech Republic is one of the most visited european destinations by the Spaniards, since the visit to Prague is one of the obligatory ones at least once in a lifetime. This is an impressive city, but there are more places to visit. For example, we can visit Brno, the second most important city in this country and in which a gastronomic guide has just been published that includes all the tradition of this city. And what better excuse to meet five of the typical dishes of the Czech Republic?

Česká bramboračka, the national soup

The Czech Republic is a cold countrySo there is a wide variety of soups to enjoy at the table. Česká bramboračka It is what they call the most popular, which has products such as potatoes, carrots and mushrooms. It is taken very hot and is very suitable for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan dietbecause it has nothing but vegetables.

Vepřová pečeně s knedlíkem a se zelím, roast pork with cabbage

This is one of the most representative dishes of the czech gastronomy. The pork is done to the point, although the key is in the accompaniment. The cabbage determines the style of the dish, as it can be made bohemian style and to Moravian style. The first style uses the more acidic cabbage, while in the second the cabbage is sweeter and some sugar is even added to combat its acidity.

Goulsah, the most popular dish in the Czech Republic

The stewed veal It is one of the best known dishes in the country. It is also made up of peppers, paprika and onions and is served with bread, so as not to miss any of the excellent flavor that we can find in one of the most popular stews in the Czech Republic and the surrounding countries.

Knuckle Typical Dish Prague

Vepřové koleno, roast pork knuckle

The roasted knuckle It has a very toasty appearance. Its skin is very crispy, although the inside is very tender and melts in the mouth when bitten. It usually presents with sauce, smoked or baked, according to the cook. Of course, it always has soft meat and a very crispy crust.

Smazeny syr, fried cheese

This type of fried cheese It is served in a sweet format, accompanied with blueberry jam or in a salty version, with tartar sauce. It is usually served as a starter, to be enjoyed with a beer.

Czech Republic Gastronomy

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