Five typical dishes to eat in Marrakech

Moroccan gastronomy is very similar to the Spanish one, since we share the Mediterranean origin, although in the African country it is cooked and seasoned differently

Moroccan cuisine has a Mediterranean origin, so it is very similar to what we can find in Spain. It changes, yes, the way of preparing it and presenting it. There are several typical and traditional dishes that You must not forget to enjoy in Marrakech during your tourist visitbecause they are the soul of Moroccan gastronomy and you should not leave the country without being tempted by the gastronomic delights that are served in one of the African cities most open to tourism.


This dish takes its name from the crock pot where it is cooked, the tajine. It is in this pot where the meat is cooked over low heat and where the different ingredients absorb the flavor of the different spices that are part of the recipe (turmeric, cumin, paprika…). It is accompanied by vegetables also cooked in the same way and is enjoyed in many, if not all, restaurants in the city. You can choose the tagine with several ingredients, so it is valid both for people who enjoy meat and for those who opt for vegetarian cuisine.


Another of the great dishes of Morocco and that can be enjoyed in practically all the terraces and restaurants from the city. It is wheat semolina in the form of balls that is cooked with a wide variety of ingredients. Among them, legumes, vegetables, meat… It is enjoyed above all on Friday, although it can be found any day. A delicious way to start any lunch or dinner in Marrakesh.

Berber Omelette

This tortilla is also a typical dish and owes its name to the berber ethnicity, majority in Morocco. An omelette with vegetables that was cooked in the desert and that provided energy to those who lived in that desert area to be able to face the hard days under the sun and with considerable heat. A small delicacy that can be enjoyed in many restaurants and that is a good second course for an interesting meal.

The Berber omelette, a delight of Moroccan cuisine

harira soup

This soup is usually taken when the sun goes down and the fast of the ramadan. It is the first course on a table that has many delicious dishes, like the ones we have mentioned before and that are part of the ritual that Muslims perform every night after this month that is so special for them. usually carry lentils and tomatoesbut the way of preparation is very varied and allows many combinations.

Moroccan sweets and pastries

To end any lunch or dinner, there is nothing better than trying any moroccan pastry. Small jewels of the country’s gastronomy, which are usually made with almonds, honey and dates. They are usually accompanied by a Green Tea, which is the national drink and which is always present, on any occasion. An ideal option to take at various times of the day and that helps recharge energy to continue enjoying the trip.

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