Five typical Zaragoza dishes to enjoy

Aragon is an area with a very attractive and tasty gastronomy, which in Zaragoza has a good sample of typical dishes that can be enjoyed during the visit

Visit Aragon is a guarantee of enjoying a forceful cuisine with a lot of flavor. Zaragoza, the Aragonese capital, allows you to discover a good variety of dishes that adjust to the harsh winter months. Meat, typical products of the area, such as asparagus or varied ingredients that add a different touch to the dishes that can be enjoyed in Zaragoza restaurants. We are going to recommend five typical Zaragoza dishes, although you will surely find many more when you visit the city.

lamb from Aragon

It doesn’t matter if you visit Saragossa or any other city in Aragon. The lamb from Aragon It is one of the dishes that must be enjoyed yes or yes in Aragonese lands. Lamb has always been one of the most beloved ingredients to create a dish that should never be missing. The young lamb is cooked in the oven with a sauce with aromatic herbs that add a very special flavor to the soft texture of the meat.

Zaragoza-style tenderloin

The loin is the base of this dish, although the secret is in the sauce. This is made with a tomato sauce, red pepper, pieces of ham, pitted olives, boiled egg in pieces and a splash of sherry. When the sauce is ready, the loin is added, so that it soaks well in it and takes on the right taste.

chilindrón chicken

The chilindrón It is a sauce that is quite popular in Aragon, as in other parts of the Spanish geography. Is about a sauce with tomato, garlic and pepper, accompanied by meat such as chicken, rabbit or lamb. The point is to cook the fried meat with this sauce. A specialty that must be tried during a visit to Zaragoza.

Borage with potato

The borage It is a well-known vegetable in Aragon and it is widely used. The easiest way to cook it is boiled with potatoes. Served as is, with a little toasted bread and if you want, with pieces of ham, bacon or fried garlic. A delight, light, tasty and very nutritious.

Eggs in brine

This dish counts as a main ingredient the poached egg. It is a dish with poached eggs accompanied by other products such as grilled or cooked green asparagus, and various types of meat, such as loin or sausages. A forceful and very tasty dish to enjoy Zaragoza cuisine to the full.

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