Five waterfalls and cascades in Europe

Although in Europe there are no waterfalls and cascades as big as in other continents, we are going to see some of the biggest waterfalls in European countries.

We all know, even by hearsay, the great waterfalls and cascades that there is in the world, like those of Niáraga, those of Iguazú or the Victoria Falls. The truth is that in Europe We do not have such impressive and high waterfalls or waterfalls, but there is something and here we are going to introduce you five examples of it. Do you know these places or have you been to others that are also very worthwhile?

The Rhine Falls in Switzerland

rheinfall or Rhine Falls They are the largest waterfall in central Europe, with about 150 meters high. They are located in northern Switzerland, less than an hour by train from Zurich, and are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. Therefore, there are many different options to contemplate, with different observation points (the most famous is a rock right in the middle of the falls) and with different boat routes.

Great waterfall of Gavarnie, in France

Outside of gavarniea town in the Pyrenees of France, is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe, with a double fall which in total exceeds 400 meters high. Hence, the French will baptize it as the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie. The area where the waterfall is located, and which is well worth visiting, is known as the Cirque de Gavarnie and has been declared a World Heritage.

The Horse’s Tail, in Spain

From the French Pyrenees we pass to spanish pyrenees, already in the province of Huesca, to see another waterfall that is very close to the previous one, just 5 kilometers away. It’s about the horse tailand although it is not very spectacular, it is worth doing routes through the Ordesa Valley trails because we are going to find other very beautiful waterfalls, such as the Cascada del Estrecho or the Gradas de Soaso.

Marmore waterfall, in Italy

The Marble Waterfall It is located just outside the city of Terni, in the Umbria region of central Italy. Have three jumps of water for a total of 165 meters, being the first the largest with just over 80 meters. But this waterfall is not a natural accident but the result of different engineering works that have been carried out throughout history. Still artificialcontinues to be one of the most visited places in the area.

The Golden Waterfall in Iceland

Outside continental Europe, we recommend Iceland, a country with incredible landscapes and, of course, many waterfalls. One of the most famous is Gullfosssomething that could be translated as golden waterfall. It is not that it is a very big drop (a couple of jumps that add up to 32 meters in total) but the landscape is spectacular and the water flow it’s huge. In addition, it is part of one of the most popular tourist routes to get to know the country.

Photo 1 | Flickr–Faldrian
Photo 2 | Flickr – Sergio Conti

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