Flights, search engines and airlines where you can pay with Paypal

In my last trip, (and in usual trips) I have used PayPal to pay for flights. And despite the fact that the commission in some cases can make the purchase slightly more expensive (which we could get, for example, with a credit card), the reality is that for those of us who work on the internet, and in the event that we charge for some work abroad With Paypal, using that account to make payments and purchase tickets or plane tickets is a fairly comfortable option that saves us the complications. Above all I refer to complications to be able to withdraw our money from the account PayPal (something common in several countries).


The following is a list of airlines that allow you to pay with PayPal.

AeroGal is an Ecuadorian airline and mainly connects the city of Quito with cities in the interior of Ecuador, Galapagos, and on international flights with Lima, Medellín, Bogotá and Cali.

American Airlines (I think you don’t need too many explanations about the possibilities of flying with this company and paying with Paypal.

British Airways like American Airlines, there is little to add (and much to buy)

LAN the Chilean company offers destinations in Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, Oceania.

Sky Airlines. Another Chilean company that connects national destinations, and external routes to Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

Singapore Airlines a very strong airline in Southeast Asia and Asia in general, although its list of routes is quite extensive, including destinations in Africa, North America, Europe and Oceania.

Search engines:

BestDay is a reservation center for hotels, packages, flights, tours, car rentals, and transfers that allows purchases between destinations throughout the Americas.

BravoFly another reservation center for hotels and flights, cars, and activities to book with PayPal.

I must say that the times I have used the Paypal payment method for flights, I have not had any problems. You can also leave your experiences in comments.

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