Forbidden City (Beijing) One of the great jewels to see in China

unique forbidden city

The capital of China, Beijing is an authentic “nest” of places and points of interest, in which any traveler can be fascinated, such as the famous Beijing Forbidden City.

with a heritage impressive cultural and historicalin the heart of Beijing, we find one of the three inescapable points, in a visit to China.

Stairs to Hall of Harmony

The Forbidden City, located north of the Tiananmen Square, Is the set of old buildings best preserved in the whole country.

Currently known as Imperial Palace Museum its old name is due to the fact that for several imperial dynastieswhich lasted more than 500 yearshe was Public entry is prohibited.

of all that, prohibition and its enigmasnothing remains today, since since the “coronation” of the republic, it was open to anyone who wanted to see it, becoming one of those places What to see in Beijing in two days, or more.

Their size, huge, will get, “steal” the traveler a lot of timesince to visit it completely, we will need at least a few 4-5 hours at a fast pace , to visit it , we recommend you read the forbidden city book

Thousands of people visit it daily

Thousands of people visit it daily

surrounded by a huge moatthis huge complex of buildings, is moving us after passing different doors to enormous patios, surrounded by more buildings and more gigantic doors, which never seem to endtaking us to areas more and more impressive.

It’s one of those fascinating places What to visit in Beijing China.

There are several areas, where small exhibitions and Jade and jewelry shopsnormally crowded by wealthy Chinese tourists, although they have little interest if what we are looking for is culture.

Peer into the Forbidden City, easily It will take us a day although if we enjoy the majesty of its buildings in a somewhat superficial way, we can enjoy this architectural wonder, without haste and in a logical time.

What to see in the Forbidden City

  • Midi Gate
  • Hall of Intermediate Harmony
  • Gate of Supreme Harmony
  • Hall of Supreme Harmony
  • Hall of Longevity and Happiness
  • imperial garden
  • Changyin Pavilion
  • donghua gate
  • Gate of Eternal Tranquility
  • Palace of Eternal Spring
  • Hongyi Pavilion
  • Character Cultivation Room
  • fuyu temple
  • Imperial Peace Hall
  • Well of Concubine Zhen
  • jingshan park

Among others…

At the very entrance of the Forbidden City, it is easy to we are approached by groups of people to offer us your guide services, you have to be careful because many end up in little “scams”.

At the same box office, we can hire the audio guide service.


Forbidden City Map

Forbidden City Map

Tea Timo

[fresh_alert color=»yellow»]Arriving at the entrance of the Forbidden City, youth groups approach tourists, especially Westerners, saying they are students and that they would love to accompany us to visit the site.

Shortly after they will offer us in a disinterested waytaste tea , of different kinds. Everything is fine, until we it’s time to pay this “tasting” of tea, which always adds up astronomical figures. [/fresh_alert]

Entrance and schedules

The price to enter the Forbidden City is 30/ 60 Yuan second season.

To enter some rooms and exhibitions, we must pay tickets separately, ranging between 10 Y and 15 Y.

The hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Visit the more than 180 Hectares that make up the Forbidden City, is almost a utopia, due to its size and because some areas remain closed to the public, but it is indispensable in a visit to China stroll inside slowly to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of this complex.

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