Four days in London: ideas for a getaway

Four days in London go a long way. They are not enough to get to know the city in depth (it is never enough for a city as vast as this one), but if we take advantage of the time we can enjoy many of its charms. Here is our proposal. An planning intense, although not excessively tight, to enjoy each visit and leave something for future trips to the British capital.

Four days in London: first day

We will start with one of the most famous corners of London: Trafalgar Square. Give you a good morning walk around here, before it collapses, although throughout the day we will return. Our steps will take us to Piccadilly Circus, where its neon lights will already be on even if it’s morning.

From there we descend towards Buckingham Palace. Stay tuned because if it’s 11 o’clock the ceremonial changing of the guard may begin. If not, continue your walk to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, where Big Ben stands.

What a ride! You are tired? Well, look for a pub to eat something. Calmly regain your strength, because we have to return to Trafalgar Square, although we can do it on the subway. Over there We invite you to enter the National Gallery. It’s free and you can spend the afternoon among works by unique artists such as Leonardo, Turner or Velázquez.

Time passes quickly and it’s almost time for dinner, for which you will find many places in Piccadilly. In addition, it is possible that you will see the poster of some Show whichever you want to attend.

Second day in London

Another symbol of London is its river, the Thames. On its shores we will start the day. There is the Tate Modern, another free museum, but now about contemporary art, which you may like more. If not, you can always go up to the terrace of the museum to admire the views.

From there you will see the neighboring Globe Theater, the place where many of his works Shakespeare premiered and that we invite you to visit. The guided tours are educational and very entertaining.

After that cross the river on the modern Millennium Bridge, designed by Norman Foster. And from him you see our next destination: St. Paul’s Cathedral with its grandiose dome. Admire this impressive building and then find a place to have a quiet meal, as well as a pint.

Then a relaxed afternoon awaits us. We will take the tube to see the exclusive shops of Oxford Street. If you have to give a gift or you want to buy something, it is a good time.


Walking or by public transport we will end the evening in the dynamic neighborhood of Covent Garden, where there is never a shortage of things to see, musicians to listen to or pubs to go to.

Third day in London

We are already halfway through our four days in London. We can also start the third day by going shopping, but now We’ll go to Portobello Road and Notting Hill. Thus, strolling almost accidentally, we arrived at Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. A fabulous place to have a picnic lunch today.

And again look for a metro stop, The Tube, as they call it here because it is so narrow. The idea is to approach the area of ​​the Tower of London in the afternoon and the Tower Bridge, the most famous moving bridge in the city.

Through it or through the other nearby bridges you can cross the river. A) Yes we will arrive at Borough marketin whose stalls we can dine on dishes from any cuisine in the world.

Fourth and last day in London

Our four days in London are running out. We are not even going to spend a whole day, since our plane leaves in the afternoon. So We recommend only two visits. One is the British Museum. It is not necessary to enter its rooms, but only its incredible lobby, for which there is no need to pay.

Later go back to the Thames and ride the London Eye. A very expensive Ferris wheel, but the best way to say goodbye to London, having the entire city before our eyes and under our feet.

Update: 10.06.2022

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