Frankfurt beyond business, discover everything this city has to offer

Year after year, Frankfurt hosts a huge number of international congresses and fairs. Its relevance in the field of business at a continental level has made it the destination for a large number of tourists. Although a large part of the trips that are made to the city are related to professional issues or purposes, Frankfurt is much more than a financial district.

Although the impact of the Second World War brought it to the brink of disappearing, the truth is that it has known how to reinvent itself and over the coming decades, it experienced unprecedented growth that led it to position itself as one of the most relevant cities in all of Europe. .

Its invaluable cultural and tourist offer has generated a cosmopolitan environment with endless leisure possibilities. Are you planning a getaway to Frankfurt? If so, pay attention. Below, we give you some tips to make your trip unforgettable and turn it into an enriching experience beyond the professional universe.

Don’t forget to get the Frankfurt Card

Although priori it may not give that feeling, Frankfurt is a very large city. Despite everything, it is very well connected. Through the Frankfurt Card it is possible to travel long distances and journeys that cover its most emblematic points in an extremely short period of time. Acquiring this card will be essential. With it you can access public transport for free, including those trips that go directly to the airport.

However, beyond the accessibility it provides, it also allows you to enjoy some additional advantages in the form of discounts and reductions in more than 40 tourist attractions distributed around its urban landscape. Are you planning your trip? Don’t forget to get her! It will save many headaches!

The importance of the hotel

The location you choose to stay during your trip will undoubtedly set the course of your tourist experience. Opting for a hotel with incredible views of Frankfurt will not be particularly difficult for you. One of the city’s strengths is that it has a succulent range of hotels located near the popular financial district. Do you know the Meliá hotels in Frankfurt? One of the most prominent is the Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum, located between floors 22 and 28 of one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the city center. Its impressive views are added to a refined architecture and rooms full of large windows. In addition, the atmosphere that is breathed evokes creativity and the avant-garde that are framed by one of the most magical urban landscapes in the country, this lifestyle hotel with ideal space for meetings is perfect for a business trip, but also for a romantic getaway or a leisure plan.

Tour the financial district

Its financial district probably constitutes one of the most important tourist attractions in Frankfurt. It receives the nickname of “Mainhattan” and, the truth is that there is no shortage of reasons for it. Within its network of streets you will come across some of the most important buildings in the country in the financial universe. One of the most popular is the Euro Tower, the first construction to be erected in this district and which has an altitude of no more and no less than 178 meters.

However, if what you are looking for is to enjoy one of the most amazing panoramic views of the city, it is best to head towards the Main Tower, one of the most imposing skyscrapers in the area. With more than 200 meters high, it has a terrace with a viewpoint from where you can access a privileged perspective of the city. Access is subject to an entry fee of 7.50 euros and, without a doubt, it is worth it. Of course, if you decide to visit this fantastic construction, do not forget to take a look at the weather forecasts. Go up when the sky is clear to enjoy its unbeatable views with complete clarity.

Do not underestimate its historic center

Although Frankfurt has gained international fame as one of Europe’s business powerhouses, it actually has much more to offer. Its historic center is impregnated with an invaluable historical and cultural capital. Over the centuries, it has hosted all kinds of events: from coronations and executions, to tournaments and international artistic events.

Within its historic center you should not miss the Römerberg square, a mandatory stop and a symbol of the city located in the highest area on the banks of the Main river.

Its Sky Bar: The perfect place to disconnect

If you are looking for a good area for leisure, the popular Sky Bar in Frankfurt are the ones you need. Located on the highest floors of some of the city’s buildings, they host the most picturesque events and festivals every week. If you have chosen to stay in a hotel integrated into a skyscraper, it will most likely have a Sky Bar to break the routine.