From London to New York by boat, something extraordinary

Crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean and reaching New York by boat is undoubtedly a mythical journey.. An experience that recalls the trips of yesteryear, when travel was not a mere procedure, but the very essence of travel. Of course, now it is done with the maritime means of the 21st century, which means greater safety, comfort and speed.

The historical burden of going from London to New York by ship

The adventure of going to New York by boat can start in different European ports. But the truth is that the most classic transatlantic cruise is that it goes from London to the Big Apple. A journey that recalls the most famous cruise ship of all time: the Titanic.

Everyone knows that that voyage never came to fruition. But we must bear in mind that this happened in 1912 and today the media are very different. So forget your fears, and also leave the planes for once and embark on one of the different cruises that sail between London and New York.

Different itineraries to go to New York by boat

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If we take London as a starting point, actually the nearby port of Southampton, You can choose between two different modes to make the crossing. Two modalities that basically consist of going directly or making several stops. Or what is the same, a faster trip and another that lasts more days.

both are recommended. The first because, without leaving the boat for 8 days and nights, it can be a fantastic experience on the high seas. A joy with all the luxuries of the big cruise ships. Meanwhile, the second crossing will allow us to visit several ports, taking full advantage of a trip of up to 16 days.

Cruise from London to New York direct

This trip to New York by boat directly from the British capital it only lasts 8 days. Almost 3,500 kilometers of crossing at the pace of a gigantic ocean liner. A trip to enjoy all the facilities of these large cruise ships.

In fact, the intense programming of these ships makes that week go by very quickly. There are concerts, cultural activities, dances, various restaurants to simulate that every night you dine somewhere on the globe, etc.

Of course, there are commercial spaces, places of play, swimming pools in case the weather accompanies or cinemas. In short, endless options to feel that you are experiencing a special event all the time. And much more if it is done aboard one of the most famous cruise ships in the world: the Queen Mary 2.

The cruise from London to New York with stops

The second option to get to New York by boat from London is to take a multi-stop cruise. It is a longer trip, 16 days as a rule.

A) Yes, will introduce us to different cities in the United Kingdom, such as Dover in England, Greenock in Scotland or Belfast in Northern Ireland. But it will also stop in two European capitals: Dublin in Ireland and Reykjavik in Iceland.

In addition, his tour of the North Atlantic will offer us the opportunity to travel to two of the most unique ports. One is Qaqortoq Julianehaab, on the frigid island of Greenland. The other will be Saint John, already in American territory, on the coast of the Canadian state of New Brunswick.

This is the last stop before arriving at the New York port and enjoying one of the images of this trip, such as entering the mouth of the Hudson River. Over there the famous Statue of Liberty is already contemplated. In addition, the background is skyline most famous on the planet: the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

In short, if you are a travel lover, This crossing from London to New York by boat should appear on the agenda of your next experiences.

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