Galicia and the best of Lugo and La Coruña

Galicia, an autonomous community in the northwest of Spain, is not just Santiago. With more than 700 beaches and a mild climate all year round, it is ideal for lovers of leisure.

Clinging to the northwestern tip of Spain, this autonomous community is wedged between Asturias, Portugal, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Galician coast, 1,200 km long, offers us a rugged landscape made up of huge cliffs, on which the ocean breaks loose.

Its Celtic heritage has left its mark on the entire region. We see menhirs standing out in the morning mist, bagpipers in the streets of the capital and wind roses drawn on top of the hills. Undeniable traces of Celtic colonization, active until the 6th century BC

Galicia is made up of four provinces, each of which holds a treasure for its visitors. Today we are talking about Lugo and La Coruña.

Lugo and its Beach of the Cathedrals

The most famous beach in the north of Galicia, belongs to the province of Lugo and is also the pride of all the inhabitants of the region. Although his real name is “Holy Water BeachIts popular name was inspired by its impressive arch-shaped rock formations, carved by the repetitive pounding of the waves.

While it is easy to walk between these cliffs and sea caves at low tide, it is highly recommended to move away from them as soon as the water rises.

listed as natural monument”, Las Catedrales beach is undoubtedly the most surprising and spectacular beach in Galicia. A mandatory stop.

For lodging, here are some recommendations, since Lugo offers us something more than this beach and we can enjoy it for several days.

the roman wall, declared a World Heritage Site in 2012, with a length of 2,266 meters, surrounds the entire city. You can also tour the Provincial Museum, the Interactive Museum of the History of Lugo and the Do Miño and Rosalía de Castro parks.

But if there is something that stands out in Lugo, it is its gastronomy: Both the dishes with octopus as tapas In general, they are two gastronomic icons of the city.

La Coruña, much more than Santiago

tower of Hercules

If you are in A Coruña, it is essential to go through the city ​​of Santiago de Compostela. Its pedestrian center and its historic center are great… But there is much more…

The Tower of Hercules in the city of Galicia is magnificent. Especially if you know what he is. oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation. A 1st century Roman lighthouse, quite incredible.

Then, located in Porto do Son, we find Furnas Beach, as beautiful as dangerous. Surrounded by forests and orchards, it has a wild face and clear waters. The waves have created natural pools that turn a beautiful shade of green at sunset. Although the strong currents require supervised swimming, they make this side of the ocean a paradise for surfers who come to brave the waves.

As you see, there is jewels to discover both in Lugo and La Coruña. It remains for us to discover Pontevedra and Ourensethe other two provinces of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, but we will leave it for another time.