Game of Thrones themed ice hotel in Lapland

This year 2018, SnowVillage, the famous ice hotel that is built year after year in Kittila, in Finnish Lapland, is inspired by the Game of Thrones series

The pull of the series Game of Thrones It is undeniable: we see people with merchandising from the series almost daily, we use tag lines like “winter is coming”, not to mention the fights between friends or family because an inopportune spoiler has escaped… Likewise, in tourismGame of Thrones has been important for cities like Girona or Dubrovnik, to name a couple of them, where scenes from the series have been filmed, as the most loyal fans have visited in search of those settings.

SnowVillage, in Kittila, will be open until April 2018

Aware that practically everything related to Game of Thrones is, almost certainly, a guaranteed success, for this year 2018 in Laplands Hotels they have made it clear: their ice Hotel I was going to be themed around the famous television series. As you may know, in Lapland, every year they take advantage of the arrival of winter and the freezing temperatures to build an ice hotel, which they named SnowVillge, and since it is a temporary structure, every year it is used to use a theme different and thus surprise the client and offer him a new experience.

In this year 2018, as we say, they have resorted to what is most fashionable, Game of Thrones, although this year there will be no episodes and we will all have to wait until 2019 to see and enjoy the last season of the series. To carry out such a construction, which occupies no less than 20 thousand square metersare used approximately 20 million kilos of ice. As the hotel itself, for every detail, is a work of art, they have to hire expert ice sculpture artists, who may come from other countries such as Russia, Poland or Ukraine.

The visit to the ice hotel has a price of 15 euros

Since SnowVillage opened its doors this season, back in mid december, is being a success. Apart from enjoying the curious thing of an ice hotel and the art on this material, this year is added seeing how places from Game of Thrones have been recreated, such as the Temple of the Many-Faced God in Braavos, and above all characters from the series, like the feared White Walkers (like the one you can see in the image). For this reason, the hotel not only opens its doors as a hotel, but also also for visitsand events such as weddings can also be organized.

Logically, you can also sleep in one of these rooms, which is what a hotel is for, although the prices are not cheap and there is also the issue of ice. So what most people do is visit the hotel and then sleep in other facilitiessuch as the wooden houses, or in another of the hotels that the Lapland Hotels chain has spread throughout this territory of Lapland.

Photo and official website | Lapland Hotels Snow Village

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