Garfield Curiosities – The Movie

Garfield The Movie

Larry Madrid, animal coordinator for television and film (102 Dalmatians, Dr. Dollitle) tried to cast a real cat for Gardfield’s character as he found one very similar but the director scrapped the idea as it was not plump enough. He tried to put on additional makeup with additional fur and musculature but it was a very long and complicated process and this was compounded by the cat’s discomfort when acting and moving.

5 mice were needed to play Louis.

Breckin Meyer (Jon) is allergic to cats and although Garfield is made on computer, the film includes several scenes with real cats, so he had to take allergy pills.

Garfield has over 500 computer generated blueprints, of which 425 are of Garfield himself. The remaining shots animate the mouths of the animals that speak on the screen: Nermal, Arlene, Luca and Louis.

Odie was also intended for a digital recreation but Larry Madrid found a very cute dachshund Tyler and his twin sister Chloe trimming their hair and lightening their torso to give them a cuter look.

The actor who plays Jon (Breckin Meyer) was chosen for his resemblance to the character and his good performance as a calm and submissive man before Gardfield.

Oddie is the only non-speaking character in the film. In real life, the dog is named Tyler and is half Dachshund and half Small Scots Terrier.

The film combines computer animation and live action.

The original voice of the television specials corresponded to Lorenzo Music, but he died of cancer in 2001, which is why he was replaced by Bill Murray as Garfield in the English version.

In the version dubbed into Spanish, Garfield is dubbed by the comedian Carlos Latre.