Get to know Paraty, one of the paradises for couples in Brazil

One of the ideal destinations for couples to enjoy a satisfying vacation is Paraty, a place in Brazil with many attractions.

There are many places to know in Brazil and there are still some that are very unknown to the vast majority of tourists. One of those destinations is Paraty, interesting for those couples looking for something different during their vacations in Brazil. It is close to Rio de Janeiro and it is very worth it as they invite us to know from Viagemeturismo.

Within Paraty First of all, we highlight its fabulous Old Town, interesting so that all visitors can take a trip back in time and go back to medieval times since the streets are still with their traditional cobblestones, the houses with the original old facades and it is charming to take a tour of this area.

A building with history in this part of Brazil is the Saint Rita’s Church, which dates from the 18th century and is undoubtedly the oldest in the entire city. Today it is a center where different cultural activities such as exhibitions, conferences and plays are usually held, which is always a good opportunity.

The natural is also important in Paraty. In this sense the Jabaqara beach It can be a perfect alternative to relax, enjoy the natural landscapes. You can walk to it on foot since it is a few minutes from the historic center and it is perfect for kayaking, among other proposals.

The boat travel in the area are also one of the great attractions for tourists, especially so that couples can rest in peace and enjoy the natural landscapes of Paraty, which is always something very appealing.

Two recommendations how to stay in pousadas traditional that are located in the center to be able to enjoy a perfect accommodation, as well as take delicious caipirinhasare proposals that you should not leave aside so that the holidays in this paradisiacal environment of Brazil are truly memorable.

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