Get to know the 5 best museums in Panama City

Panama City offers us a series of museums that are very worthwhile to visit on vacation.

During vacations in Panama City it is possible to visit different museums that allow us to learn more about the history of the Panamanian country, enjoy cultural aspects, traditions, and discover more about this wonderful country.

Interoceanic Canal Museum

The Interoceanic Canal Museum allows us to learn more about the history and life during the construction of the CanalOne of the options to get to know Panama is the Interoceanic Canal Museum. It is currently located in a building known as the Grand Hotel dating from the 19th century. Previously it was the headquarters of Posts and Telegraphs. The museum was inaugurated in 1997, a place where you can enjoy permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can see daily scenes of life during the construction of the canal, the canal claims, as well as other thematic rooms.

The Old Panama Museum

To learn the history of Panama, nothing better than discovering the new Old Panama Museumwhich was inaugurated in 2017. It offers a vision of the history of Panama and the archaeological site of the capital to better discover the pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern times, as well as a detailed explanation of the constructions in the area.

Biodiversity Museum

The Biomuseo or Museum of Biodiversity It is one of the essential visits to make during vacations in the Panamanian capital. It is interesting to note that the building is the work of architect Frank Gehry. Inside we find different rooms where you can discover the Earth’s Biodiversity Gallery, the Great Exchange of species between North and South America, the Surge Bridge, the Human Footprint that has been left over the years. history, among other thematic rooms.

Reina Torres de Araúz Anthropological Museum

To take into account is the Reina Torres de Araúz Anthropological Museum, which was created in the year 2000 and is currently located in the town of Llanos de Curundú. It is the most important at an anthropological level and offers a collection of goldsmith, ceramic, lithic and ethnographic pieces, a total of 15,000 pieces of great importance. In 2019, the museum will open its doors completely renovated in its new location, which will be in the Plaza de 5 de Mayo in the capital.

Contemporary Art Museum

Highly recommended for art lovers is to know the Contemporary Art Museum, a museum that was born as the Panamanian Art Institute in 1962 and has become an extremely important institution. It offers art collections of national and international works, in addition to promoting and supporting art in all its dimensions. The permanent collection offers about 200 works that were donated to the museum by their creators.

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