Get to know the most attractive places to get to know Dakar

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and offers travelers the chance to see great buildings and unique places to enjoy their history.

In the African continent there are many interesting places where you can enjoy a unique experience. One of them is Senegal, a destination for the most adventurous, which has an increasing impact among international travelers. It is recommended to keep in mind that it is interesting to go to this country in the dry season to avoid rain, from December to April and thus have the possibility of knowing all its attractions.

Dakar It is the capital of Senegal and it is a very popular place known thanks to the rally that was held for many years ago. The city has many attractive points where travelers will be able to discover more about its history, culture and also the good gastronomy that is offered in this area of ​​Africa.

A must stop is the dakar medina, an old walled medieval city in which we find different narrow streets that can be walked and enjoy the atmosphere. It is interesting to enjoy and taste typical traditional food at very cheap prices, for those who want to discover new flavors.

Traditional markets are very interesting, they are places where haggling is a very common practice, as is the case in other parts of the continent such as Morocco. The kermel market It is one of the most important and originally dates from the 19th century. Here we can enjoy good fresh seafood thanks to the fact that it is next to the port, as well as fruits and handicrafts, ideal for taking away souvenirs.

The end of slavery is present thanks to the monument of the African Renaissance, one of the largest in Dakar. It is curious since not everyone likes it because it was made in North Korea and has a style to those made in the former USSR. In theory it refers to the liberation of the African continent from colonizers from different parts of Europe and therefore the end of slavery.

An interesting stop is the Pointe des Almadiesa very attractive and appreciated coastal area because it allows travelers to practice water sports such as surfinteresting from November to May.

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