Get to know Zamora, a city that tourists fall in love with

Zamora is a historic city that offers a series of essential visits for tourists who make a getaway during the summer holidays.

Zamora is one of those charming destinations that every traveler should know, a city of Castile and Leon which offers a large number of unique places to see throughout the holidays, as well as good gastronomy to taste and leave a good taste in your mouth. Of course it is a place whose Holy Week is one of the most beautiful and that you should know along with different festivals.

Throughout our tour of the city of Zamora it is interesting to know its old townideal to be able to discover Romanesque-style buildings and, incidentally, it is interesting to enjoy tapas and typical products in the bars and restaurants of the area, which is something that travelers usually want a lot.

The visit to Zamora Castle It is one of the fundamentals, a unique building that has been restored to keep it in good condition and that it can continue to be one of the icons for tourism.

Also a fundamental stop is the Cathedral, a Romanesque-style building that is one of the most important in Zamora city ​​and the entire province. Inside we can take the opportunity to visit the famous Cathedral Museum, with different historical objects such as high-quality tapestries.

There are many charming squares with a good atmosphere, especially during summer nights when the cool weather makes you want to go outside. The Plaza Mayor or the Viriato Square They are highly recommended to enjoy a getaway in Zamora.

If you like Easter then the Holy Week Museum It is one of the mandatory stops that you should not miss. It is a place where you can find out first-hand all the information about this traditional and important festival in Zamora. It is a way to take advantage of the summer holidays in this city and enjoy its tardies.

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