Getaway to Olmedo and its Mudéjar Theme Park

Today we visit Olmedo, a town in the province of Valladolid with a lot of history, with a lot of heritage and a miniature park dedicated to the Mudejar.

The town of Olmedo, in the province of Valladolid, is one of those populations with history and lordship that well deserve to be known. With a one-day getaway, it gives us plenty of time to get to know this historic town Tierra de Pinares regionwhich has almost four thousand inhabitants and is also part of the Rueda Wine Route, which is why it is interesting for wine tourism.

“Whoever lord of Castile wants to be, Olmedo must have on his side” is a saying that was said in the past and from which one can deduce the Historical importance of this village. Conquered and repopulated at the end of the 11th century, numerous historical figures had their birthplace here and many others had control over it. The Battle of Olmedoat the end of the 15th century, is one of the important historical episodes that took place in this town, a battle that measured the forces of King Enrique IV and his half-brother Alfonso, aspirant to the throne that would later be occupied by Isabella I of Castile.

Olmedo was known as the village of seven sevens: seven churches, seven squares, seven convents, seven fountains, seven palaces, seven gates in the wall and seven towns in its rural area. The monumental heritage that it still maintains is important, with remains of the wall, churches such as San Miguel or San Andrés, which have several centuries of history, and some noble houses, such as the Casa de la Villa (former seat of the town hall). either the Palace of the Knight of Olmedoa place where you can learn about the Golden Age and Lope de Vega, famous author of “El caballero de Olmedo” and many other tragicomedies at that time.

The Mudéjar de Olmedo Theme Park

Of course, we are not going to forget one of the most visited places in Olmedo despite being relatively recent: the Mudejar Theme Park. It is a space of more than ten thousand square meters and contains 21 miniature models of buildings in the autonomous community of Castilla y León that have one element in common: the Mudejar architectural style.

Thus, in this venue inaugurated in 1999 we can find local monuments and other locations such as Arévalo, Cuéllar, Toro or Madrigal de las Altas Torres. We can see from miniatures of churches, such as San Tirso in Sahagún, passing through the Olmedo Station or castles such as Coca, one of the best castles in the province of Segovia, or La Mota, in the town of Medina del Countryside.

The Mudejar Theme Park usually open from Tuesday to Sunday and split hours, except the months of April to August when it opens every day of the week. tickets cost 4.50 euros, with special prices for retirees, young people, children between 6 and 15 years old, and groups, as well as pointing out that children under 5 years of age enter free. On the official website you can find all these details in detail.

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