Giac Lam Pagoda (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam


The dynamic city of Ho Chi Minh, With each passing day, more devoted to new technologies and modern constructions, it still houses some treasures that we can’t let go.

One of these inescapable points is found in the Giac Lam Pagodalocated in the tanh binh district in the heart of the city of Saigon.

Build in 1744 this temple is one of the oldest in the city and has been declared historical monument .

The whole complex remains surrounded by a wall that manages to make the visitor forget that he is in the middle of the city.

sacred garden

It has a beautiful yard which is one of the most important points of the temple, since in it we can enjoy the presence of a tree, very special as is the Bodhi Tree, transferred from Sri Lanka to Vietnam.

This tree is the same species as the one you used. Siddhartha to sit under it and attained enlightenment, in which it became Gautama Buddha.

unique religious complex

unique religious complex

An image of Avalokiteshvarawelcomes us to the garden , with his enigmatic facevery common in important places in Asia , such as angkor.

We can also enjoy the enormous 7-story stupas of more recent creation and that houses images and figures of Buddha , in a unique collection in all the country.

The pagoda houses a good number of heirlooms and valuables distributed in three rooms:

  • food room
  • preaching room
  • ceremony room

With much of its structure built in wood and large number of pillars, many of the figures that houses, in the same way they are also made of wood.

Great White Buddha

Great White Buddha

On the outside, the big white buddha which undoubtedly captures all the eyes of visitors due to its spectacular nature.

Mention should also be made, in the dozens of stupas what can we see outside dedicated to each of the monks who have directed the temple.

Stupas dedicated to the Abbots

Stupas dedicated to the Abbots

For all these reasons and many more , on a visit to the fantastic Saigon , we must delve a little deeper into its buddhist history and culture from the hands of the Giac Lam Pagoda and all that it represents.

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