Giants Causeway … how to visit it , map and routes

One of the most popular places in Northern Ireland is the famous Giants Causeway.

Also known as Giant’s Causeway this place, is the result of a volcanic eruption more than 50 million years ago which has left us one of the most beautiful landscapes What to see in Northern Ireland.

during our Itinerary through Ireland in 5 days by car we were able to visit the Giant’s Causeway and give free rein to our fantasy through the legends that exist about this enclave.

It is a must see place in Northern Ireland both for its history , legends and above all because of the peculiarity of his physiognomy.

Giant’s Causeway

Origin of the Giant’s Causeway Ireland

The lava flow that produced the volcanic eruption today more than 50 million years ago was trapped in the final part or decline of the terrain.

The upper part of the casting , exposed to the air , when it cooled down before the lower part , caused it to contract , sThe curious polygonal columns, today so visited, will be formed.

giants causeway northern ireland
a unique landscape

Visit the Giant’s Causeway It is a great experience to do in Northern Ireland, to be able to discover the magic of the terrain and the beauty that nature left behind.

What to see on the Giant’s Causeway

Obviously the spectacularity of the irish north coast falls in love with the traveler, but a visit the Giant’s Causeway is to go one step further.

So much so that he is most visited place in northern ireland and it is not for less , because its more than 40000 columns provide us with a unique show.

North Ireland
Giant’s Causeway Finn

Legend of the Giant’s Causeway

The mythological and epic character of Giant’s Causeway lies in a popular legend of the area.

According to legend , the iIrishman Finn McCool and the Scottish Bennandoner were two giants They were constantly fighting.

In their battles, so many huge rocks were being thrown which ended up forming the The most famous stone path in Northern Ireland.

Another legend tells that finn the giant built this causeway to reach Scotland without setting foot in the water.

Columns mostly hexagonal that descend in steps to the sea, are rather the result of a mythological “world” or of fantasy movie.

This path of stones on the water, through which we can walk and get closer to the coast leaves us with some beautiful views of the Irish coast and an atmosphere as atypical as it is intoxicating.

northern ireland coast
unique landscapes

There are many Things to do on the Giant’s Causeway but the most outstanding is hiking.

Activities on the Giant’s Causeway

Obviously, as we said above, Hiking is the most popular of the things to do on the Giant’s Causeway.

Walking for the main road is a delight due to the views and landscape that we will witness , but if we deviate and take a path in the area , we will arrive at fantastic corners, almost alone.

Giants Causeway with family
Climbing up the columns!

walk the main area of ​​the Giant’s Causeway It is suitable for everyone, there is not much difficulty except in some areas of the road that may be wet and slippery.

The bird watching is part of The best things to do in Northern Ireland And at this point in particular.

Route through Northern Ireland
Essential route through Northern Ireland

In addition, we were lucky see seals on the rocks of the coast reason for which , it is already worth it Visit the Giant’s Causeway.

Routes along the Giant’s Causeway

The routes or tour of the Giant’s Causeway They are various and of different difficulties.

The blue tour is the most common and is the one that descends from the visitor center to the Giant’s Causeway.

Giants Causeway Tours
Giant’s Causeway Tours

the green route basically runs through the upper part, offering us beautiful views of the area. The views from here are brutal.

Then we would have the red tour which is the more demanding” which continues where we left the blue to enter another path, towards the famous organ. , by Porto Noffer.

Routes through Northern Ireland
Routes for all levels

To return we must go up quite a number of stairs.

The more we move away from the parking lot, the more alone we can visit the Giant’s Causeway but we must watch out for slips and landslides depending on where we are.

World Heritage

Few places are so impressive what to see in Northern Ireland What Giant’s Causeway reason for which it was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1986.

The landscapes of Northern Ireland they are wild and tough , but of a beauty without equal , and the giant’s caseway is one of its greatest exponents.

What to see near the Giants Causeway

If we have time to visit the around the Giant’s Causeway or if we are trip to northern ireland We cannot miss several places.

The famous suspension bridge Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. This place is amazing and the views are sublime.

dark hedges
The beech forest of Game of Thrones

The city of Derry (London Derry) famous for the bloody sunday is relatively close and is very interesting to know the recent history of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Places like the Dark Hedges famous for being the setting in Game of Thrones, are essential.

The capital of Northern Ireland , Belfast it is a city full of history and interesting places , among other things , it was built there The Titanic.

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