Giraffe Women (Northern Thailand) Ethnic Villages

Giraffe women, Kayan ethnic group

Located in the Northern Thailandthe Giraffe womenare part of the route tour common throughout the country and attract hundreds of tourists daily.

as if of a Zoo in question, the tourists who make a route through Thailand, we usually visit this sad place where these people live “for the show”

located in a jungle areathese women of the Kayan ethnicityare persecuted in their country of origin Myanmar (former Burma) so they have had to go into exile to the neighboring country.

Kayan girl posing for tourists

Persecuted in Burma

For decades, life in myanmar former Burma it is not easy for minority tribes and ethnic groups.

Pursued by a ruthless military meeting and even many tribes wiped out , life in that beautiful country of the Southeast Asian it is impossible for those who have managed to survive.

As the case of the Kayan (Karen people) many of them have had to find a life, far from their homes, and even in neighboring countries like Thailand.

Apparently , we could think that the work of the thailand government It is good, because it welcomes some of these minorities, who would die if they continued in their country.

But we must know that the toll they must pay is high, since they live almost in near slavery conditions .

Posing and working for tourism with some miserable living conditions.

We made the mistake of visit the tribes of northern Thailand looking for magic and mysticism .

the truth that we deeply regret to contribute to this circus.

refugee in Thailand, have had to pay a very expensive price for being able to live away from the tyranny of the military junta that rules Myanmar.

In Thailand, they are used as Tourist claim.

Beautiful girl in town, giraffe women

beautiful girl in village

Giraffe Women, Exploited in Thailand

Better this way of life than to die, but, really, we believe that it would be better if they lived in freedom and without ties but business is business.

Kayan village, giraffe women

Kayan Village

Karen women in Northern Thailand live in very poor conditions.

Giraffe women and girls They must be ready daily for the visit of tourists who come to see them as one of the great claims What to see near Chiang Mai.

Visiting the giraffe women It allows us to get a little closer to this culture.

Padaung Women

The Padaung women or Giraffe-necked women They are part of the ethnic group Karen, Kayan or Karenni.

ethnic minority burmese tibeto his “home” is located in the shan state one of the most beautiful mountain areas what to see in myanmar

During years , visit shan state has been prohibited for travelers, and during our route through Myanmar we could not access.

Karen woman

giraffe women , inle lake myanmar

For many, the set of rings placed on the neck of giraffe women is a symbol of beauty.

Likewise , others believe that this clavicle deformity elongating their necks is designed to Avoid the attack of tigers.

One of the most convincing theories is the one that theorizes with the possibility that at make women ugly with such a stretch of the neck, prevent them from being sold and enslaved by other tribes.

Golden rings around the neck, the Giraffe Women

characterized by the golden rings that are placed on the neck from the 5 years and who deforms them himself, being their great hallmark.

Even if it is not to our liking, it is a luxury to be able to enjoy this culture, still very much alive

Even if it’s this way, but At least it allows them to survive and have a future, which in Burma would not exist.

Giraffe women as a tourist object

proud to show off their femininity through the rings around their necks, these women, they still fight in Myanmar, because of their culture and traditions.

Visiting the Giraffe Women of Thailand is very common, and there is a whole business around them.

We do not know what would become of them if they were not visited by travelers who decide tour Thailand.

Of course , we don’t like to visit places where people’s lives seem not to matter.