Greece, second with the most Blue Flags

Greece has a large number of Blue Flag beaches, high quality beaches to enjoy a quiet holiday in summer.

As summer approaches, it is a good time to keep in mind the number of Blue Flags that each country has, since this guarantees that we are going to find beaches that have excellent services, are of high quality and also allow you to enjoy really suggestive vacations, which is something to take into account, as they tell us from Expreso .

The second destination with the highest number of Blue Flags is Greece, a European destination noted for its high-quality beaches. This year it has achieved a good number of these awards among its beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boats. What is rewarded is compliance with environmental, educational, safety and access criteria, as well as water quality.

for 2019 Greece It will have a total of 519 blue flags on its beaches, as well as 15 marinas and a sustainable tourism boat, which is a really quite remarkable figure and which can help travelers bet on the Hellenic country when choosing a destination for the next vacation.

We must bear in mind that at the international level we find 3,797 beaches that currently have the Blue Flag, 695 marinas and 67 sustainable tourism boats, allowing visitors to enjoy a very appetizing summer vacation. In addition, good gastronomy and cultural proposals complement a trip through this country.

Good part of the Halkidiki beaches They are the ones that have achieved the Blue Flag, specifically up to 92 of the winners, which are located in the north of Greece and is a very interesting area for those looking for quality beaches for couples and families.

At a European level we find other large countries such as Spainimportant because it has a large number of award-winning beaches and it is something that all travelers who arrive from other tourists tend to count on a lot.

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