Halong Bay (Vietnam), useful information, map and what to do

Halong Bay, it’s cinema

Halong Bay (Halong Bay)it is without a doubt The most spectacular point to see in Vietnam and one of those places in the world that we must visit at least once in our lives.

Its more than 2000 islets of karstic rockturns this area into a landscape, idyllic, romantic, fantastic and indispensablein which we can see the grandeur of nature, during the passage of time.

The atolls to see in ha long bayare of different shapes and sizes and the vast majority, they remain uninhabited by humans.

rock erosion in halong bay

These islets form one of the most spectacular drawings that the sea offers us around the world. and is the great exponent of the country.

World Heritage for the Unesco, Halong Bay , attracts daily thousands of travelers who fall in love with their peculiar appearance, as well as with the turquoise color of its waters.

The erosion of the water on the rocks and the passage of time continually change the Bay and its appearance which is more and more spectacular.

ha long bay

Floating village in Halong Bay

We can appreciate fishing villages residing in floating villages.

Around some islets and that follow a very traditional and disciplined way of lifeby and for the sea, form floating communities.

Surrounded by lang ha bay , bai tu lomg bay It is a must visit in any route through vietnam

Beaches Halong Bay

If we are looking for beaches as we know them, Halong is not our destination.

In any case, if we want to enjoy a trip between the islands and take a bath, it will undoubtedly be special.

Beach in the middle of the Bay, Halong Bay

Beach in the middle of the Bay, Halong Bay

In some, islands, we find small pieces of beach with fine sand where we can enjoy a while in the purest style Robinson Crusoe.

In this post we talk to you in more depth about everything there is What to see in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay Caves

The grottos and caves They are one of the highlights of Halong Bay and entering one of them will be the closest thing to being in a pirate movie.

Formation of small beaches on the islands

Formation of small beaches on the islands

The views from some of them are cinematic.


Monkey Islandis one of the inhabited islands in the Bay, where some monkeys reside.

we can do a little trekking through its dense tropical forest.

views of the bay

views of the bay

cat badefinitely Halong’s great gem It is an island, inhabited mostly in the Cat Ba town area, but with a lot of island to explore, full of animal and natural wealth.

Halong Bay Activities

The activities in the bay are various. They highlight the snorkeling where we will be able to appreciate many precious species .

canoeing or kayakingis another of the most requested sports, given the independence it offers us, to discover up close islets to our air.

How to visit Halong

There are several ways to enjoy this spectacular place. The most common is to hire a two-day excursion on a vintage sailing ship to see Halong up close.

This option, although it seems great, is quite uncomfortable and somewhat long.

Visiting Halong Bay on a day trip is ideal and it gives time to see the most relevant and to be able to enjoy more closely the island of cat Ba

Halong Bay Map

bay map

bay map