Ham Tin Beach: a wonderful place to rest

Within Hong Kong there are natural spaces as spectacular as Ham Tin beach. The great skyscrapers, the multiple businesses of all kinds, the traffic, the lights and the intense transit of people contrast with the great natural value that exists in the periphery and exteriors of this region.

But this intense contrast between the urban and the mountain, beach or forest places is unknown. Hong Kong is usually associated with large buildings. Therefore, you should know that here you can find the most inhospitable corners if you know where to look for them.

How to get to Ham Tin Beach

Ham Tin Beach is located in Tai Long Wan Bay, where it shares the stage with three other magnificent beaches. To get to Tai Long Wan from Hong Kong it is best to travel by public transport. A taxi supposes a very high price, because our destination is far away.

There is a minibus line arriving at a town located on the coast called Sai Kung. There you have to change. The duration of the journey depends on your starting point within Hong Kong, but normally the journey takes between three quarters of an hour and an hour.

As you can see, it is far from the big city, but it is worth going there. The trip allows you to discover the most unknown part of Hong Kong. Through the windows of the bus you will see the greenest part of the region. The mountains and their forests will make you forget the traffic you left minutes before.

When you get to Sai Kung you have to go to the docks. You will see several boats and some stalls along the water advertising trips to the four islands in Tai Long Wan Bay, with departure times. To get to Ham Tin beach you have to travel half an hour in one of the boats.

If you like the sea the journey on the boat will be a great experience for you. Surfing the waves that wash the beach that you will later discover is the best way to get to a paradisiacal island like Ham Tin.

What is Ham Tin Beach like?

Some people consider Ham Tin beach to be one of the best in the world, and that can be compared with those of the Philippines or the Caribbean. Each one has its charm, but this one has its own peculiarities.

On Ham Tin Beach tranquility prevails above all. The difficulty of reaching this place from Hong Kong means that it does not have a large influx of people. In addition, there is no infrastructure in terms of restaurants, hotel accommodation or businesses in the tourism sector.

The hand of man has not modified, at least for the moment, this jewel of nature. Therefore, when you go you will enjoy twice as much. You can rest easy on the sand, walk along the beach or take a swim without the crowds of other busier coastal sites.

Although there are no restaurants, don’t worry about food or drink. For the area yes you will find some vendors to buy some groceries from. This, together with the rental of umbrellas, will allow you to enjoy the maximum possible hours of this magnificent beach.

Ham Tin, a beach without pollution

If Ham Tin beach is considered one of the best in the world, it is for a reason. Its white sand and crystal clear waters are what mainly attracts tourists. But also the vegetation that surrounds it and its cleanliness, thanks to the scarce presence of people and the civility of those who come.

The other three beaches in the bay are Sai Wan, Tai Wan and Tung Wan, and their characteristics are very similar to Ham Tin Beach.

On the other hand, on the path you followed to get to the beach, in the town of Sai Kung, you can visit its national park. This place is equally calm and without big waves, so those who come usually go to go diving or snorkeling.

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