Hamilton Pool, or when an underground river causes a landslide

For nature, building a mini paradise can take thousands of years. Near Austinin Texas, USA, there is a natural pool that looks (and is enjoyed) as an idyllic place. An underground river eroded a cavity for thousands of years, which when it collapsed, gave way to a small sheltered oasis, with calm waters, a waterfall and vegetation that look like a rather unusual place. The pool is surrounded by huge limestone slabs, and decorated by stalactites, moss and some bushes that grow hanging between the rocks.

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It is known as Hamilton Poolpart of the Reserve Cayonlands Balconiesa protected area that does not have any type of alteration, nor services, but that allows the arrival of hundreds of bathers and people willing to spend a day in a unique place every summer.

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Just over a century ago, the owners of the area discovered the collapse of what until then had been a cave, leaving room for a site of great recreational value, so the area was opened to the public.

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The popularity of Hamilton Pool, it shoots however in the 1980s, already as a legendary swimming site. The local government then buys the land and takes care of it. Today, the places to visit are limited and to arrive, a short walk is required. There are even days when the place is closed due to the danger of flooding.

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