Hanoi (Vietnam) Information, what to see and do and map

Hanoi ,Capital of Vietnam

Hanoi located northeast of Vietnam and the capital of the country is cultural and economic center.

This city, gateway to the country, is one of the most interesting what to see in vietnam and why not say it, too What to see in Southeast Asia.

Hanoi map

There are lots of things thatWhat to see and do in Hanoi in 2 days or more .

Under our taste, without having so much What to see in Ho Chi Minh Hanoi , has fascinating places that we should not miss.

A vibrant city (What to visit in Hanoi)

Massive city just like Saigon and with heavy traffic of motorcycles, is a mirror of the typical Asian city, that is to say, chaos and contrasts.

Motorcycle traffic at all hours

It has a kind of ordered chaos, like so many of the best cities in the world. Southeast Asiawhich catches the traveler, due to its great variety of leisure, culture and tradition.

Hanoi is a city within Vietnam quite advanced.

It has been modernized a lot in recent years and it is easy to find all kinds of serviceswithout leaving behind the ancient magic of the chinese influence.

included in any route through vietnam for free is also the gateway to the cities of the North and the famous halong bay vietnam.

Also this immense city could be 4 times Barcelona in extent and 8 times in population .

Old Quarter and much more

Within it we must highlight the area of ​​the Old Quarter, area for the backpackers and located in the old area next to the hoan kiem lake.

Thus, the old Quarter is perfect for those wondering about the best area where to sleep in hanoi

Image of the Old Quarter, Hanoi

Image of the Old Quarter

This beautiful lake is undoubtedly the main attraction of the city especially at sunset.

It is worth enjoying it first thing in the morning, when the locals take the opportunity to do their exercises, one of the things to do in hanoi

Legend has it that inside giant tortoises inhabit and so much so that there is a stuffed animal in the pagoda that accompanies the lake

the lake crosses it bridge, of Japanese origin, red that allows you to go from one shore to the other of the lake, in the center of which is a pagoda.

gastronomicallyHanoi is a delight for everyone who enjoys Asian and international food.

Sidewalks full of parked motorcycles

Sidewalks full of parked motorcycles

It is the place in the country where we can find more restaurants that offer dogsbut luckily few in the Old Quarter.

Local and international locals abound in the city offering some of the best delicacies in the country and traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

The “old quarter” Old Quarter can be done on foot which is recommended to soak up the Vietnamese capital well, which although it doesn’t have the magic of SaigonWell worth it, enjoy slowly.

what to see

  1. hoan kiem lake
  2. St Joseph’s Church
  3. old quarter pagodas
  4. Train station
  5. Dong Xuan market
  6. temple of literature
  7. house on pillars
  8. Ho Tay (west lake)
  9. Old Quarter
  10. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
  11. Hanoi Citadel
  12. Hanoi Cathedral
  13. water puppet theater
japanese red bridge

japanese red bridge


Finding accommodation is easy given the many offersWe were in two places:

Family friendly, clean and cheap It does not include breakfast but the people are very friendly.

This guest house is cheap dispose of Free internet and it is very central.Includes breakfast, clean rooms and a lot of kindness.

Hanoi’s hotel offer is growing by leaps and bounds , as in all Vietnam. The cheapest accommodation for independent travelers will be found in the Old Quarter area.

How to move

Both in Hanoi and Saigon do not take a taxi at the airport since the prices are considerable.

In the same terminal, there are buses that will take us to the city center for less than 1000 Dongs in a time similar to that of a taxi.

Hanoi streets

Hanoi streets

To move around the city, it is best to do it by motorcycle taxi. This is the fastest way to enjoy Hanoi, but not the safest.

The cycle is very common for short distances and for longer journeys It is best to use the taxi

Map what to see in Hanoi


Location Hanoi