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His adorable dog behaves like a hero and saves his son’s life

dorrierecently shared the emotional story starring his dog Jedi who saved the life of his son Luke, a 7-year-old boy who has type 1 diabetes. The story has already been shared more than 182,000 times in a week and has almost 400,000 likes .


Jedi, a black lab, sleeps every night at the feet of his best friend, Luke. The child has type 1 diabetes and the animal is trained to detect diabetes.

Thanks to his incredible sense of smell, the Jedi was able to detect that Luke’s blood sugar levels were below normal and he alerted his mother to attend to him. One night, when everyone was sleeping in the house, the dog ran to the parents’ bed to warn them that something bad was happening; When they took a sample of the boy’s blood, they found that his blood sugar level was very low and continued to drop.
Fortunately, Luke was treated on time and is currently in stable condition..

The dog has become a hero and the protagonist of one of the most emotional stories published on Facebook.

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