Holidays in the Algarve, 10 cities from west to east.(I)

The most beautiful towns to visit on your holidays in the Algarve.

Our vacation in 2013 consisted of a route by car that began in Badajoz, in the town of Aljucén (where we stayed in this beautiful “Roman house”), to then cross to Portugal and see the city of Évora, to go down towards the Algarve touring it from its west end to the east. And as a final point we would go to Mérida.
But today I will focus on the towns that we liked the most during our vacations in the portuguese algarve . The order of the list corresponds to the order in which we saw them. do you come? wink

It is called Algarve to the area south of Portugal. Its name comes from the Arabic Al-Gharb (the West). This area of ​​Portugal has a sunny weather during all year, which makes it one of the most visited destinations in southern Europe. It has some 240 kilometers of beaches of fine sand, some crowded, others not so much, impressive coves, some almost virgin. You can do a multitude of water activities, surfing, snorkeling… although I warn sailors, it is the Atlantic Ocean and it shows, the water is freezing!

But not everything is beach on a holiday in the Algarve, you can also visit quiet towns (some not so calm) and very interestingwith a lot of history and tradition.

1. Sagres:

We start with this locality, which is the town located southwestern Europe. It is an ideal starting point to visit the Cape Saint Vincent, the location of these cliffs, and their height, made the Greeks think that this was the end of the world. Here is located the Saint Vincent LighthouseAlthough the lighthouse is closed to the public, you can have a drink in the cafeteria, visit the museum or the gift shop, as well as take in the views of the cliffs.

In Sagres was established in his later years Henry the Navigator, of whom it is said, that he created a school of Navigation, but that is more myth than reality since no sign has been found that confirms such a theory. This academy would be located in the Sagres Fortressits walls date from 1793almost nothing remains of the fortress of Henry the Navigator.

holidays in the algarve

Praia do Beliche, is a quiet beach and very popular with surfers, “hidden” behind some cliffs. To get to it you have to go down some steep stairs.

holidays in the algarve

holidays in the algarve

2. Lakes:

It is one of the most visited cities. And it is a city colorful Y animated, full of bars and restaurants. Apart from its beaches, it has a rich historical heritage. This area suffered many attacks by various “enemies” throughout its history, which made it necessary to build this type of fortress along the coast. One of them was the Ponta da Bandeira Fortof late 17th century.

holidays in the algarve

She Praca do Infante Dom Henriquesstood the Europe’s first slave market in the fifteenth century. The Wall goes back to the Roman agebeing reinforced in the Arab and Christian times.

holidays in the algarve

The port area is a very lively area, full of restaurants and bars.

holidays in the algarve

Dona Ana BeachIt is a beautiful beach that you have to visit. The only drawback is that being in the city, it is quite crowded. I, who am not a friend of such crowded beaches, could not enjoy it, but leaving that aside, it is a very beautiful beach and highly recommended.


Village of inside from the Algarve. It was the Arab capital of the Algarve, which in 1189 was besieged by Sancho I. In 1242 it fell definitively under Christian control. The landscape of this settlement is very characteristic, thanks to its castle of reddish walls towering over the rest of the town. East castle was built in the 8th century Y XIII on the remains of a Roman fortification from the 4th century. Their Cathedral was built in the century XIII and went episcopal see from the Algarve area until 1150.

holidays in the algarve

In August an important event is celebrated medieval fair (it lasts a little over a week) that from what we could see is located throughout a large part of the center. We arrived one day after the fair finished (Grrrr…), and the stalls were not dismantled yet, but seeing how it was set up, we were terribly angry, not having gone a day before, to enjoy it. This year 2015 will be held between August 7 and 16.

holidays in the algarve

4. Ferragudo:

holidays in the algarve holidays in the algarve

It is a small fishing village, of the simplest but with a lot of charm. It does not have great monuments, I would say that its charm lies in the tranquility that it transmits. I recommend you stroll through its peaceful streets, and have a very cold beer in one of its many terraces.

holidays in the algarve


form the largest tourist complex in the Algarve. It has a more than “animated” night life. If you are looking for a holiday in the Algarve in which to enjoy the beach and in which the party do not miss, this is undoubtedly your ideal destination.

holidays in the algarve

You can check it out on its street known as “The Strip”, and it is so since it reminds of the famous “Strip” avenue in Las Vegas. It is a narrow street full of neonsbars, and discos that attract the attention of tourists with go-go boys and girls dancing in the middle of the street.

holidays in the algarve

Us we went on a friday in august with the intention of having dinner, a walk and a drink. That day was Friday and the streets, restaurants and bars were packed with people. The Strip had a great atmosphere.

And that meant that it took us a long time to go around looking for a place to park, in the end we left the car in a parking area a little far from the center and walked down.

holidays in the algarve

Already for the day you can go to the beach, the most famous is the Praia dos Pescadoresalso visit the Chapel of Mercy wave Church of Sao Sebastiao. But I can’t tell you much more about these visits because we only went one night.

As you can see, this area is perfect because there is a variety to choose from. In addition to the weather and of course, the food. In Portugal you eat great, and that is always a “plus”. wink

if you want to know the other 5 cities that we recommend for a holiday in the Algarve, puncture here. smile

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