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How do mangroves manage to survive in such salty water?

They use methods so fascinating that we would never have thought of it. Do you want to know what they are?


Mangroves generally grow in areas where the tides penetrate, between the sea and the mainland, where fresh and salt water mix. Although the water there is much saltier than most plants can withstand, mangroves easily adapt to it orusing fascinating methods, sometimes combined.

Some types of mangrove They have filters throughout the root that prevent the entry of salt. This filtering method is so effective that a thirsty traveler could obtain fresh water by cutting the root of one of these mangroves. Other species allow salt to enter their system and accumulate it, later depositing it in the older leaves or other parts of the plant, which are then shed.

And there are mangroves that allow salt to enter them but quickly remove it, usually through special glands in the leaves. If you lick the leaf of such a mangrove, you will find it very salty. But be careful, because the latex secreted by the leaves of the Excoecaria agallocha species is capable of causing temporary blindness if it comes into contact with the eye; although, on the other hand, said latex has medicinal properties and has been used to treat sores and bites.

We cannot deny the wonder that surrounds us.

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