How is the experience of taking a cruise on the Nile?

Is it possible to travel to Egypt and not take a Nile cruise? Yeah right if. But it is not recommended. The feeling of sailing down a river steeped in history, surrounded by desert sand and ancient temples is something you cannot miss. It is an experience that will be remembered for a long time and it becomes one of the best memories of the trip to Egyptian lands.

An Egyptian Nile Cruise

When we talk about a cruise on the Nile, we all immediately identify the route with Egypt. But you have to know that this country, watered from south to north by the waters of the Nile, is nothing more than the last of the territories that it bathes.

In fact, we are talking about the second longest river in the world, whose waters pass through various African countries. However, the Nile in tourism remains synonymous with Egypt.

Egypt and the pharaohs


Even without having started this trip, thinking of a Nile cruise and Egypt, inevitably the time of the pharaohs comes to mind. It is part of the experience of this trip.

It is true that to visit the famous pyramids of Giza next to the capital, Cairo, it is not necessary to embark on these cruises. But to evoke the beautiful Cleopatra and her court there is no better way than to do it by sailing down this great river.

A cruise on the Nile: an inspiring journey

The Nile cruise has a lot of history and literature, definitely. It’s part of the charm of it. Of course, it is wonderful to make the necessary stops and disembark to visit such beautiful and important places as the temples of Luxor, Karnak, Edfu and Kom Ombo, which are included in all journeys. But this trip is more than contemplative.

Contemplating the landscape from the deck or from the essential windows that are always in the cabins, this journey inspires anyone. Not only great writers like Agatha Christie, who set her novel on one of these ships death on the nile. They inspire everyone because it is impossible not to feel moved by these landscapes as beautiful as they are harsh.

a luxury trip

Cruise on the Nile

We hope we have already convinced you of the suitability of taking a Nile cruise on your next trip to Egypt. If not, we can still give you more reasons. For example, you will see that when choosing between one ship or another, they are almost always five star ships. Yes, not all of them are worth the same, but somehow they all have high comfort conditions for their guests.

We repeat that there are different prices, some very high-end and others too cheap to be good. So in a medium range they are usually boats with spacious cabins and with a window, as we have said, to contemplate the views. In this sense, if you can choose, always look as high as possible and close to the bow (that is, in front), since the engines go behind.

And besides that, in this type of boat there is usually a swimming pool and common spaces to distract yourself during the journey or meet other travelers. In addition, there are the relevant dining rooms for all the meals that are made on board.

Include Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel

Before we have named the places where all the ships stop. Well, when you make your reservation on the Nile cruise, include the visit to Abu Simbel. It is a wonder that will leave you speechless.

And much better if it is the end of the trip, to take away the best possible taste in your mouth of your adventures along this river full of history, legends and wonders. In the end, a cruise on the Nile is still one of the best river cruises that can be done around the world.

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