How keyboard letters were ordered?

QWERTY keyboard

Computers are widely used at this time, and for some it is part of their life, and when using it we use the keyboard… and several questions arise regarding the keyboard, for example: Who was the one who ordered the letters of the alphabet like this? Why didn’t they sort them alphabetically?
Normally we use the QWERTY keyboard, so called, due to the order of the letters.

But first let’s remember that before computers and electric typewriters arose or were even invented, mechanical ones were used, which came out during the first half of the 19th century. However, by the year 1872, a typewriter had been created, designed by Christopher Latham Sholes in Milwaukee, United States, with the help of two investor friends.

Christopher Latham SholesThe machine had the keys arranged in alphabetical order, but a big problem arose. These machines worked by means of hammers with the reverse of the letters engraved on their heads. By striking a type of paper through an ink ribbon, the letter was marked. The problem was that the movement of the keys was activated by the pressure of the fingers, and inside the device the levers of the nearby keys that they pressed were very prone to collide and jam.

Christopher Latham tried to improve the design of the machine to eliminate this problem. What he did was alter the order of the keys to separate the types that were used together most often. For that, he did a study of the frequency of pairs of letters, that is, the pairs that were used the most and that were obviously found together. The result was a QWERTY order, which we’re all familiar with by now, though it didn’t totally end the problem if you narrowed it down.

Although many believe that the order that Christopher Latham Sholes designed was to make writing more difficult, because according to the inventor he could not invent a machine that worked faster, but instead changed the order of the keys to force the user to write more. slow. However, this theory is probably wrong.

The keyboard that Christopher Latham designed was maintained with the models that arose later, and it was spread throughout the world that when electric typewriters and computers arose, the QWERTY keyboard continued to be used.

Although this order is not the best, it is used. In 1932 an inventor named Dvorak designed a keyboard layout that allowed for faster typing. In that keyboard the vowels are in the center to the left and the most used consonants to the right. This makes typing on that keyboard easier and more restful.

Although the advantages of the Dvorak keyboard are accepted, the spread of the QWERTY keyboard makes the change quite difficult. Actually, very few people would like to change the keyboard, because currently many of us are used to using this keyboard, and something curious is that very few people actually know about the existence of the Dvorak keyboard (like me before doing this research). However for modern computers the Dvorak keyboard can be defined.

Dvorak Keyboard

Something else we should know is that the Dvorak keyboard was designed to make writing and English easier, and it may not be equally easy, for Spanish speakers. We would have to wait for a design that facilitates the work for those of us who write Spanish. What do you think of all this? Leave your comment… 😀